Sunday, May 1, 2011

Black Orc Unit 2nd Rank...

The VC Bashin' blorcs second rank. First up the two on the edge. There are so few heads for the blorcs that when you want to make each one somewhat unique, you have to come up with ways to do that. The one on the left I'm calling Batorc, the one on the right had a riveted strip down the center so I removed that.

The shear size of them does make it difficult to do things with them. So again I resorted to adding things to make them look more mean. I have a bunch of extra Goblin spears so they make good spikes.

I'm also going through my dag phase, again attempting to make each head different, not real noticeable in this pic but the one on the left has a horn swap on the head.

The ogre models also have things that work. I do kind of like the pose of the one on the right. Will do that again with my orcs.

That's it for now.

On the local front I've begun planning the Warhammer Ancients Battle Tournament, with help from the local crew and Hobby Store. Without them this could not get done. Tourney date we anticipate will be August 13, 2011, and will be 3 rounds.

Coming up, more chaos knighs, perhaps some spawn, work on my main character for the warriors of chaos, and a warshrine. I also have pics of WAB Knights that I need to edit, and we will finish up the VC bashin' black orc unit.

And later today I will be placing some Crusader USA Byzatine miniatures on Ebay that I won at Adepticon. I have too many projects and no room for these in the schedule.


  1. Nice work - wickedly imposing guys. Regards, Dean

  2. The WAB tournament is in LaCrosse, right? Open format and 2000 points? I'm working to see if I can come up to this one.

  3. Yes sir, in La Crosse, one day, open format, with a couple limitations. We're toying with 1500 points to keep games at about a 1.5 to 2 hours. Our tables will be 4x6. I'm working with our main tournament organizer who runs all of our Warhammer Fantasy tourneys, as soon as we iron everything out we'll be advertising it and sending out invites. Probably later this week.

    Limitations will probably be no cannon or blackpowder/gun weaponry, no stone throwers, and limit of one elephant.

  4. 1500 changes things a little bit, but would be the best choice for 6 foot tables. The restrictions on war machines is a good idea - in my opinion, they should only be fielded for siege games anyways.

  5. Yep, we would like to go with 2000 points, but we just don't have the big tables. As is we will be using most all of the appropriate fantasy tables. We should have enough terrain to fit the ancients setting. On the big fantasy tourneys we have room for 28 tables.

    That is our opinion also on war machines.

    We anticipate that lunch will be included in the entry fee also, so that those people traveling, need not worry about where to eat and that type of thing.