Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's a Khorney Knight and one of Tzeentch

I do very much favor Khorne above all of the powers of ruin. The sheer evilness of it for some reason really appeals to me from a visual standpoint. On this mini, I decided to play up on that Khorne theme, adding grizzly trophies and skulls.

The sword is from a bloodletter, the Khorne icons are Forgeworld brass etch.

There was kind of an ugly armor panel on this hors and I wanted good smooth panels for some freehand painting, so I filled that with GS and smooth out the panel. More skulls, more symbols.

The head is one of my favorite heads from the chaos warriors foot troops. I love the design of the horns on it.

Onto the next Tzeentch Knight....

Again used the MaxMini head. This going to be the unit champ and mouting him far forward on the base. When you make your movement trays extra large like I do, you can get away with this. I'll put some eye-candy on the back of the base.

Note I added some Tzeentch symbols. These were done in two steps. And I wanted to show the back of the miniature. This one will get a cape added to it, but one thing that needs be done prior to the cape is to build a support, so that is what you see between the shoulder pads.

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