Friday, April 15, 2011

Adepticon 2011 Wrap-up

My work space in my current home is still in ruin from the water damage suffered a few weeks ago, taking forever to dry things out. Basically everything I had in that room is in boxes in my other rooms and garage. And I'm continuing my search for a permanent home, as this was a temporary one anyways while I settled in to the new job. So my work and photo taking has been down a bit lately that coupled with Adepticon taking away my spare time.

Many thanks goes out to the Adepticon guys. I had a great time, and came away with the above awards from the Adepticon Warhammer Ancients tourney. Those awards were really quite shocking to me, a very pleasant surprise in deed as all the games I played were great fun. For the team part, got to thank my team mate in Mike Butcher. I think this was the best we have played things in the many times that we had teamed up for this tourney. The plaques were not the only thing that I won, I also got a fancy limited edition miniature, 2-boxes of Warlord Games Barbarians, and a box set of Crusader Miniatures Irish Warband which I traded with my Mike for his box of Crusader Byzantines and blister of Byzantine command. This in addition to the rest of the free stuff in my big bag of swag just for showing up. A pretty cool haul, and I definitely appreciate everyone's efforts in arranging the tourney. If you like tourneys have not been to Adepticon you are definitely missing out. So that does it for Adepticon this year. Next up its back to Orcs as I plug away at attempting to get a unit of Black Orcs done for the VC Bashin' Commission. Then its on to painting some Chaos Warriors and building my new Space Marine army.

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