Monday, April 25, 2011

Black Orcs in the making....

These are for the VC Bashin' orcs. Namely the back rank of 7 wide and 3 deep, so more of these guys to follow.

Mostly for the conversions I stuck with weapon swaps, glyphs, and fur. These models like the chaos knights in the previous are simply too big for their bases and so really crazy conversions are not really easy to pull off if you want them to rank up. Note I've turned the outside models of the rank towards there respective outside. This helps in ranking them up and also makes the exposed flank look a bit cooler in my opinion versus just everyone facing forwards.

Here is shot of the back of the group, showing off the capes and fur.

And the rest of the group.

The metal skulls are from Secret Weapons big bag of skulls, something like 100+ in a bag. I'm at the point now with the glyphs that I can practically do them in my sleep.

Next up back to more Chaos Knights.


  1. These are looking awesome... I wish I could do the glyphs in my sleep!

  2. Very nice indeed. Look forward to the finished product.

  3. Thanks guys. I am enjoying this orc project and have started an orc army for myself, basically just building a bunch of individual pieces right now, to get down some of the general theme.