Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Old Stuff Wednesday-April...and Adepticon WAB

I believe I debuted this unit of dragon ogres at Adepticon back in 2004. The current GW dragon ogre is a very old metal model. Not great looking model and it very much shows its age.

I decided to update that model with a serious amount of conversion work, taking a plastic ogre model and merging that with a Lizard Cold One plastic model. This lizard model has since been updated by GW.

I think they turned out pretty well. Paint wise I was very happy with the results. Conversion wise the models could have been a bit better. Back then I really did not know how to do scales.

The tails had to be extended to give some balance to the models, and each individual scale was a flattened piece of putty. A very tedious way to make scales.

The axe the center model uses is from the old metal minotaurs. The other axe was from the metal chaos trolls.

Onto Adepticon Warhammer Ancients results. As stated previously, my buddy Mike Butcher won the Singles best general, Aaron Lewis won best appearance singles with a beautiful army, Bennett Blaylock Doan won best appearance team with Dylan Gaulker, and I managed to take home Best Sportsmanship and then teamed up with Mike in the team event, where we managed to get Best Sportmanship. I was looking around and found that the Chicago Terrain Factory took some pictures of the event, much better pictures than mine. So I'll link you to their blog if you are curious:

Adepticon WAB Singles pics:
My Roman Army is in the fourth row down and Mike's Saxons are the first pic in the sixth row.

Adepticon WAB Team:

Row 6 of the photos, shows pics of my and Mike's team effort of his Saxons teamed with my knights. More of my knights to follow soon.


  1. Amazing conversions and i absolutely love the paint job! Chaos never look sweeter!

  2. Wow - superbly done. Excellent work! Regards, Dean

  3. One of the perks of having all the armies displayed for paint judging is that I had lots of time to take pics.

    Don't for get Aaron Loomis and his Gothic army which won best appearance for Singles. Bennett won best appearance as part of the team tournament.

  4. Oh yes, good point, and good photos also, my compliments to the Chicago Terrain Factory. Aaron Loomis, I believe is Nostromus on the WAB Forum, if not I may be confusing him with someone else. I'm terrible with names and my hearing is not too good in those big noisy halls.

    Absolutely a stunning army Aaron had, I saw Dave Taylor shooting photos of it. So I would guess that his army will end up in a future Wargames Illustrated mag. Just realized I need to link Chicago Terrain Factory in my blog list. We are also planning on a local WAB tourney here in Wisconsin, I'll be sending out personal invites, once we figure things out.

    Thanks for the kind words on the Dragon Ogres.

  5. I should also admit that I helped out the young man playing the Spartans in the Team event, row 7, who was struggling painting the lambda symbols on the shields. Some are my freehand and some are his. Once he saw how I did it, he became a Pro.

  6. Dave Taylor was able to photograph both Arron's and Bennett's armies for Wargames Illustrated. Hopefully we'll see their armies in an up coming issue.

  7. They look very mean and heavy. great painting and great conversions