Friday, June 10, 2011

Rained out and Tutorials and Chicago Gamesday

No go-kart racing report to make tonight, track never dried out from the rain we got today and last night. And we run racing slick tires, no tread. So slicks, asphalt, and water, don't work. I will get in some dirt tracking with my niece tomorrow.

I've had a whole lot of people PM and Email me on various forums asking for tutorials on basing and making movement trays. Well you all are in luck as I do plan to do tutorials on both and will post them here first. If there is something that I do that you would like to learn please let me know.

Chicago Gamesday, I normally would be all over this, but I have a conflict with the date. But that said, there will be plenty of other talent there and you will have the opportunity to chat with them and ask them lots of questions. There will be a Golden Demon Lounge at the event and talents such as Kent Plumb, Chris Borer, Dave Pauwels,Brice Cocanour, James Craig, Todd Swanson, Kirill Zhilkov, Dave Taylor, and Brian Sobb, and more to be announced later will all be there in the lounge, all day long. This is not to stroke egos or show off, heck I've been apart of this in the past and have never even won a golden demon. Its about the hobby and people who love to talk and show what they know. These are friends and acquiatances of mine, and good fun people. And if you see Chris Borer there, please make a donation to him so that he can afford to buy a new pair of shorts.

If I happen to remember, I'll post a schedule for the Demon Lounge when we get closer to the event.

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