Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Imperial Roman Officer - Painted and Rant

 I've had this miniature for a long time, a Warlord Games, Imperial Roman Officer.  Its an okay miniature by itself.   The miniature has some problems though such as the hands and the head, otherwise its just okay.
Much like the Roman Tribune that I showed previously I intend to rid myself of this model.  Although I like the Foundry model, I can't say the same for this hunk of metal.  Probably get rid of it after the first of the year on Ebay or if someone wants to make an offer on it. 
This model came in a two pack with the mounted officer.  The mounted officer model is much nicer.  The cape is good from the front, but the the back just does not flow well.  The Foundry Tribune model is much nicer in that regard.  The model is not easy to paint.  The feet are poorly detailed.  The helmet on the sculpt is rather quirky to me.
Now onto the rant.  Its all about SCALE, something that Warlord Games apparently sucks at.  I really want to like their miniatures, but after working with them for 3 years, I don't like them.  This officer is another example of their poor quality control in the scale department.  Their plastics are already small to begin with, but this model in my opinion has a shrunken head and enormus hands.  Below is a comparison shot with a plastic model.
I can not recommend their Romans.  Yes they are better than War Factory Games, but that is not saying much.  To say that Warlord Games has disappointed me is an understatement.  I said this to a friend of mine the other day, I'm done with them.  I have a box of Praetorians that I'm dreading even working on, after that box is done, that's it.  They are off my list of Roman miniature manufacturers....


  1. I have to be honest till the rants began I never noticed the hand issue. But then I am used to the gorilla hand syndrome of Games Workshop so it's a cultural affliction localised in Nottingham perhaps?

    Now that I see it - it can't be unseen! A shame as it was on my lists of hobby goals! And I hate metals!

    Maybe the Praetorians are better?

  2. PC:

    I agree on the small head size; the mounted guy I got (the one supposed to be Maximus) has the same problem. That all said, you're painting truly makes the best of any sculpture. Looks fantastic. Best, Dean