Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wha!...I played in an 8th Edition Fantasy Tourney

???  Yes, I did play in a local 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy 2000 point Tourney.  I have not played very much of 8th, quite frankly I dislike the version.  So yesterday we had a local tournament, so I thought I would try it again against a number of locals that I have not played in awhile.  Chad Hanson hosted the event and played, in total we had 14 local guys turn out, great turnout.  There was no paint requirements, so there were a few more of the guys that turned out.  There were actually 4 dwarf armies present. 

So I dug out of the abyss, the Khorne Demons.  I went to the tourney with a list that would have been terrible in the 7th edition days, but hoping that it might actually work in 8th edition.  A unit of 20 Bloodletters, a unit of 24 bloodletters, 2 units of 6 Fleshhounds, 3 bloodcrushers, a BSB herald on foot, a khorne herald on foot, and Tzeetch Demon Prince.  Yea I know what the heck is that Tzeentch thing......just a unpainted winged demon.  So, no expectations of doing well, matter of fact I figured I would finish in the bottom, lose all of the games.

Game 1 was against Christen Sorensen and his dwarves.  Now I know Christen plays and paints, today he had his dwarves.  It was about turn 3 before I remembered the 8th Edition charging rules.  I did manage to win the game, despite the stupid laser beam statue thingy that was part of the terrain.

Game 2 was against Jerrod Horstman and his super converted Nurgley Demons.  Jerrod has good gaming skill and great looking armies besides.  I initially was going to play a agressive and then my one flank exploded, so I played like I would with my Romans and started backing up.  In the end I managed to pull of another win.  Key to the game was BSB with the Banner of Unholy Victory. So now I'm like 3 rd overall and really have no clue as to what I'm doing. 

Game 3, I matched up with Chad Hanson.  This didn't end well, I managed to have everything in my army dead by Turn 6, having only killed 2 giants and hero and huge unit of trolls.  Well since I got rolled Chad maxed out points and ended up winning his whole tournament as the first two guys beat the crap out of each other.  So yes....Chad is one of those guys...j/k 'ing, I'll take partial credit or blame.

So, I still don't like 8th, but it was a fun day and good tournament.  Back to Romans....

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