Sunday, December 9, 2012

WIP On the Desk: Roman Progress Part 3

Well, here are where they are right now.  Need to paint up the bases.  I think they have turned out pretty good so far.  Still need to do all of the shields, need some transfers to do that.
Obviously you can see I also need to do up the movement tray.  I recently built a few more movement trays to replace all of my old trays, because quite frankly they are completely uninspiring to look at.
A couple of close up shots.   Its shows you just how messed up Warlord Games is with their scales, as the kneeling metal legionaires are nearly as tall as those standing.  I'm seriously hating what Warlord is doing figure-wise.  They need some better Q/C.  I'm glad the I'm basically done with Warlord's minis, they are frustrating as many of GW's.

I also painted up a few Roman characters that once done, will go up for sale.  The Foundry models are hell of lot more fun to paint than the Warlord Games character, which once again Warlord F'd up the scale of, because its even smaller than the plastics.  Below is one of the Foundry models:
So onward and upward....see you again soon.

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