Saturday, December 1, 2012

WIP on the Desk: New Romans Part 2

This is where they are at this morning.  Hopefully by the end of the weekend they will be nearly finished.  They are all shiny right now.  Unlike with the Vikings, I won't use any rusty looking washes, I'll be using the Secret Weapon's Soft Body Black and possibly a blue-ish gray acryllic to get in and define those recessed areas and tone down the metallics. 
But, I'll wait to do all of that until I get the flesh tones, wood, and capes done.  These are very close.  I'll have to get the shields primed up also. 
Although, that will have to wait, as I'm going to the shop down town today to actually play a game or two of Warhammer Fantasy, that ugly cousin of WAB, with the local guys.  I have not played Fantasy in well over a year, I really do not miss that game, but next weekend is the Local-Only 2000 point Tourney, so I'll join in with the guys. My lack of interest in Fantasy as a game is definitely hurting my ability to get my Warriors of Chaos and my Orc armies done.  For this, I've dug out my Khorne Demons, dating back to 2008, we'll see how they do.   I'm not expecting that they will do very well, since I have no shooting and no magic whatsoever.

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