Saturday, August 14, 2010

One Exalted Champion done

Tzeentch themed, a little bit of converting. Not sure how exactly I plan to use him, but I wanted a test piece for painting the knights, chosen, and chaos warriors that I'm building.

So this will work, continuing my blue and orange paint scheme.

Converted the shield using a 40k symbol.

I should have fix the fur cape a bit. After painting it, I really don't like the fur texture on this model.

And yes that is a little eye ball on the forehead of his helmet.


  1. great work on the champion! i like the look of your blue on the shield and good use of the 40k icon

  2. That is a great looking mini. The blue is strong and works well for the theme you have. I also like the converting, it's simple but effective.

  3. Thanks guys much appreciated. And as always much more to follow.