Monday, August 9, 2010

More Chaos Marauder WIPs

Like the previous post I have quite a bit left to do with these, but I'm liking the looks of them so far.

Some WIP shots of a Red Box Games miniature. Tre Manor's sculpts of these models are really good. They have really opened my eyes in how to successfully sculpt the exaggerated musculature of barbarians. These sculpts kind of scream Conan which is really appealing to me.

I have 8-9 of these guys, and boy they are easy to paint in my typical style of painting. They practically paint themselves.

Another of my favorite miniatures at the moment. I love the looks of this head.

This one is another Reaper Miniature, sculpted by a buddy of mine, Matt Gubser.

Its quickly becoming a favorite of mine, something about the pose, it will be positioned of on one of the flanks when the unit gets ranked up.

Also not the stylized hot rod flames. This is another carry over from the previous group of miniatures in this army. I plan to carry the flames throughout the army on capes and tabbards and such.

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