Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chaos Marauder Progress

This is pretty early in my painting process. The Fleshtones I've pretty much finished all of the highlights on, except on the faces. The steel is based and highlighted twice which is all the further I'll go with the highlights, they'll get a series of washes once everything else is done to do the weathering and further defining. The Blues are essentially done, as are the burnt oranges. I typically paint dark to light, building sort of a contour map of color. Leather will probably be next. Fur and Hair will be one of the last things I do.

As I stated earlier I'm using a few choice pieces from other manufacturer's mostly pieces sculpted by Tre Manor. This one is Reaper Miniature, with no conversion work. I think he fits the bill.

This guy was one of my favorites in the modeling process and the paint is furthering my liking of him thus far. The new marauder horseman heads are so good expression wise.

Much more to follow on these WIPs. There are some additional pics of these models if you are interested in seeing them on my Forum in the WHFB Madhouse Workbench, which is linked too on the blog in my Web Links.


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  2. Loved the last marauder skin!!
    How did you achieved that tones?

    Keep up the nice job ;D

    EDIT: misspelling

  3. Yea my lighting kind of washed out a bit of tone, but its very close to the right color. All of the tones were by using Reaper Master Series flesh Triads. More specifically Tanned Skin and Fair Skin. The base is Tanned Shadow, the first highlight is 50/50 Shadow and Tanned Skin. Then Tanned Skin straight up, Tanned Highlight, and finally Fair Skin Shadow. After I base coat everything, all 35. I'll have all four highlights in my pallette and essentially paint all of the colors on the mini right away. In this case I did the full batch of 35. Normally I try to get them done in groups of 10-15. 35 is like a marathon.

    Hope that helps, I know the Reaper Master Series Triads have been an absolute godsend for me painting fleshtones. I'll barely use any washes on these.

    Feel free to ask any questions.

  4. The miniature in the third image is fantastic. Where is it from?

  5. The third miniature is Reaper Miniature, sculpted by Tre Manor, I believe its called Kord.