Monday, August 30, 2010

Warriors of army update Part 2

Well this part 2 of the work in progress. I didn't show this figure earlier in the modeling phase. Its one of those figures that I'm primarily doing to aggravate a certain someone that always accuses me of stealing their ideas. Its fun to sometimes aggravate those type of people. So there you know who you are take that.

Now that the fun is aside, next up another of the Red Box minis, I call batter up.

Here is the Matt Gubser sculpted Reaper Miniature, making good progress on it.

Carrying through the hot rod blue flame theme.

And then there is this crazy dude, my favorite of the Red Box minis Conrad the Crazed. Good name for the figure.

Still quite a ways to go on these. The metals are really shined up right now that will go away later. The flesh still needs a washing. Still need to detail the faces, but we are getting closer.


  1. I will definitely have to pick up some of those Red Box minis languish in my unpainted piles for a few years...

  2. Cool stuff, PsychosisPC. The blue flames look really good and I think the lion-headed guy is great. I didn't even notice at first that you lionized his legs as well... very impressive work!