Sunday, August 29, 2010

Warriors of army update

Progress shots over the next couple of posts, as I plug away on my 35 marauders. Here's where I'm at with them so far. Last tiem you saw this guy pretty much just the skin tones were done, minus the washes and shading to come at the end.

Here's the backside ofthe same model. On my armies I'll typically only drybrush the fur.

Here are one of the Red Box Games mini's. I love all of these guys they are so much fun to paint.

A backside shot, I love all the skulls and bones on them, its a neat touch of detail.

And yes, I did not forget to detail the shield, inside and outside.

Next up some more progress shots.

And then Nascar in Montreal:
My absolute favorite track to watch the big heavy stock cars. The beating and banging that they can absorb really makes for a fun watch. Who Said? Boris Said! I'm definitely a Boris Said fan, love the way the guy races and handles himself in the media. He's the man and I'm glad to see him finally win. And it goes to show what good equipment can do for Mad Max Papis, another favorite of mine to watch on the road course, you have to love his enthusiasm. Spectacular race, if you like racing, you have to watch the racing on that track, its a must see.

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