Friday, September 10, 2010

NFL Debut...

As I watched only the first half of last nights NFL season opener, a couple of things popped into mind. One of things deals with the whole Reggie Bush, Heismen Trophy confiscation bid by the national media, NCAA, and USC. Last I checked O.J. Simpson was sitting in a jail cell and was a former USC running back. For those wanting to confiscate Reggie Bush’s trophy, they ought to be clamoring for the Trust to confiscate / vacate the one that was given to O.J. Simpson also, wasn’t what O.J. did in the not so recent past with the robbery and kidnapping charges a more despicable act than Reggie Bush and his family accepting money agents/boosters while he was playing at USC. I wonder if USC still displays O.J. memorabilia. Ah…on second thought what do I care…go Big Ten err….or is it Big Twelve of Ten….

As I watched the pregame, I saw all of these players from both sides come out on the field and hold one finger in the air. Okay what was that about? Then the announcers said something about it being a player solidarity statement about the upcoming CBA. Really? That’s smells like the word “strike” to me, meaning no NFL football next season. Are both sides stupid enough to do this, in my opinion the answer is: YES. And oh players this is just one fan’s perspective, I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE DEMANDS OF MILLIONAIRES. All I as a fan care about is come Sunday in the fall is that I turn on the TV around noon and see pro football being played. You are all overpaid, just as much as the Owner’s overcharge for ticket prices, the in stadium food, the parking, the seat licenses. Next up will be pay-per-view and the end of my time watching pro football.

Brat Farve, looked like the QB that I had to endure while with the Pack, except with more gray hair.

The Saints opening drive, looked sharp, but after that was not so good.

The referee threw a flag for illegal procedure on Drew Brees in the shotgun formation for a gesture to set up the snap of the football. Wha….? The plays before that he did basically the same thing, hell Brat Farve did the same thing. The play after that he did the same thing. Where were the flags for that? Strange.

Then this morning I watched Milk Toast – Mike & Mike on the four letter with a numeral network. Marcelus Wiley was applauding the actions of the players solidarity. I normally like listening to the big guy, but I as a fan cannot understand his perspective and completely agree with Golic. It was funny, the nerdy Mike looked like he was appalled and also scared by Golic’s outburst and that the two former players were yelling at each other. Then they kept playing that clip of the players from both teams coming out on the field, and I kept focusing on the same thing, where was the diva Bret Favre while this was going on? Oh….there he is… turning his back to the whole thing on the sidelines, interesting.

Bottomline is, if both sides cannot agree on a new CBA and there are no NFL games or even a shortened season next year, they both deserve to lose the fan support that they now take for granted. Last I checked college football is just as exciting to watch if not more-so.

And thinking about football, if you like it like I do, you need to goto Czabe's blog, you'll find the link over on the righthand side of my blog, and play the audio/video clip of him with Bob & Brian out of Milwaukee discussing robot football and concussions. Its a short but funny clip.

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