Saturday, October 13, 2012

WIP On the Desk: Chaotic Progress

Well, did not make much progress this past week.  The following is where the Chaos and random Vikings stand at the moment, while I get ready to paint some more.  I've applied two leather like colors, and applied the base color for the skull/bones, the bronze with a gold highlight, all of the burnt orange.
Progress on the Vikings has slowed a little bit.  All of the steel has a base coat and two metallic highlights.
 In preparation for a doing a local miniature painting seminar coming up, I picked up the GW shade and glaze colors that are in blue to see how they work.  My blues were very harsh, because I had not yet glazed them with the thinned midtone.  So I used the GW stuff to see how it works.  Honestly I can achieve the same thing just by watering down acrylic paint.  But, it did do what I thought it would .
And the backside of the same model.  So more left to do.  Its rainy and cool today so, I'm going to sit down and paint some more.

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  1. Gosh those helmets are even more ridiculous than I remember. Great paint job mate blue and gold is always a good choice.