Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving....and

Hope everyone stateside and those serving the armed forces abroad have a good Thanksgiving. Eat a bird or two.

Well...accept for those Viqueen you like it now that Bratt Favre is your head coach. Bye Bye Childress, you got what you deserve when you signed over the team to the #4 Diva. Even nicer seeing good ole Brett ranked 32nd in the league at the QB, go down in flames. Its all about the streak. Only thing that can make it even better now, is that he gets suspended for the whole sexual harassment of Jen Sterger thing. It was very enjoyable watching the Packers destroy them last weekend. That's two coaches that have been fired this season after the Packer have played them. First the Cowgirls and then the Viqueens.

Monday, November 22, 2010

More Orcs...Unit #2 update

Another front line Nob. Borrowed a head from the black orcs. Doesn't show up well in this angle but the plasti-card plate has a sculpted fist on it.

The axe is from the new plastic Minotaurs. There are some really cool weapons in that box, even though the minotaurs themselves are not the best looking model. Shield from the chariot kit.

My orc glyph sculpt, can almost do them with my eyes closed.

And the standard bearer. I used the ogre banner, and added the skeletal'd zombie. Again continuing the theme of taking it to the VC. The orc really isn't all that special, but I did convert a little of him also.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Warhammer Orc Boyz...Unit #2 Begins

That's right, second of the units. Theme will be much like the first, beating the heck out of undead, this time skeletons instead of zombies.

Big guys in the front, no weenie drummer, this is a 40k Nob with a black orc drum.

Modified the 40k holster to make it a bit more fitting for fantasy.

Next up a rank and filer. After working on the first unit, I've realized just how few different part available even though I'm using both 40k and Fantasy boys. So to deal with that, I'm going to be converting weapons and do some things with the heads a bit more, to obtain different looks.

For this one its changing the head, and adding fur.

As always, a slow start, but much more to follow. Currently painting all of Roman Auxillaries and some additional command models, hope to have them done before Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The it begins...again

A bit more ambitious project than what I really wanted to do. This is the beginnings of my 1000 points for next Adepticon team play. I'll be teaming up with the other half of the grumpy old coots...Mike Butcher, who should be bringing the foot soldiers.

For me its knights. I love the Perry crusaders, but I want to get out of the 1090's. And I don't really care for the Gripping Beast models, and Mirliton is in Italy and shipping from Italy is sometimes suspect, especially when I'm not sure about their scale.

So what do you do? Make your own.

Now I certainly am not going to do this for all of the horses, but some will get this treatment. Its an expensive army points wise, so the units will be rather small.

As you see above I'm converting the riders also. I believe in the early to mid 1100s they started wearing surcoats over the mail in the holy land. Also note the helmet on the one on the right, not the full bucket helmet.

Below you see something new. Conquest Games came out with some new plastic knights. Mr. Butcher ordered a box for some of the plastic horses and donated a sample sprue to me, so I could get a look at them. I must say I quite like them. Now I don't know how big their plastic horse is, but here you see one of the riders on a Perry horse. Very promising. I will be getting some of these. Hopefully they come stateside soon.

Another angle. Another rider.

One of the Perry crusaders on my conversion. I think its working....

With these being mostly all metal , I'll be using the GF9 bases. Boy its alot of work, but so far its fun.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Khorne Demon Unit....

Well here they are...almost done. As you can see the banner is bare. Eventually I will put something on that, but for now it is as bare as it gets.

I really do love these old models, they have some much character. As I stated previously these models are what influenced me to take the naked plastics and add armor and tabbards to them.

You can see the movement tray is even bloody. Actually this one of my older movement trays. And actually there are 14 of these older models. Why 14, well that's all I have.

Next up some WIP pics of my crusaders.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Painted Khorne Demon...what is to come

I've had this miniature for years, and have always love the dynamics of it. With 8th coming out I needed to bolster the ranks a bit, so this with the unit that is coming, will do just that.

I kept the theme the same as the plastics. I also love the axes. Khorne screams axes.

The demonic hand rises out of the depths

I love this angle also. This is the way GW should make all of their musicians.
I'll post the entire unit of the old school bloodletters in a day or so. They were a real treat to paint. And besides the demon-prince that I still plan to do, I'm done with the Khorne Demons.
The next thing I will be doing is focusing on the Romans, getting them ready, for Adepticon is coming. After they are done then its on to the crusades for a bit. There will be some 40k stuff thrown in, as well as, a few more orcs.