Sunday, February 28, 2016

Warlord Games spotted My Romans

And also asked if I would write a short article to post on their web page.  Follow the link to their Web Site if you care to read that, they have a lot of good articles:

I greatly appreciate them giving me a small opportunity to help bring further awareness to a condition that has affected me over the past year and a half and will likely continue giving me issues the rest of my life, as well as show off my latest Early Imperial Roman unit. The condition is known as Acoustic Neuroma aka Vestibular Schwannoma, it will and has forever changed me. One out of 400 cases is Cancer, thankfully mine was benign.

Link to Mayo Clinic on Acoustic Neurmoa:  Mayo Clininc

Link to the Warlord Games Article:  Warlord Games Showcase: Imperial Romes Finest

More of these guys to come.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Building the Dark Age Cottage

Getting things built on the Stronghold Terrain.  Pretty cool looking building.
With it being a resin cast, I anticipated that some of the joins would be a little rough.  They are actually not too bad.
After super gluing the walls to the base, I dug out the Apoxie Sculpt, and went to work filling gaps and reinforcing the joins.  Below the gaps on this end of the base were a little much.  I just filled that with some of the Apoxie Sculpt and hit it with a hard bristled tooth brush.
Below you can see the welding of the joins with the Apoxie Sculpt and super glue.
The roof is a bit more problematic, so I used a few pins and some more Apoxie Sculpt.
More on this project to follow.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Stronghold Terrain - Unboxing of the Dark Age Cottage

 I recently ordered the Dark Age Cottage from Stronghold Terrain to further expand my collection of terrain.  Pretty nice looking piece.  There is a bit of strange thing with their mail order if you are ordering from the United States.  Their form asks for your State, but when they process the order and the shipping address the State does not show up.  When I caught that in the confirmation email they sent to me, they had already packed and shipped the item.  At least with the Zip Code it found its way to me from Germany. 

This is what you receive in the kit from them. The Cottage, miscellaneous barrels and sacks, some faux fur for the roofing.
The detail is very crisp and fine.  Not much in the way of mold flash.
Looks like it will be a fun piece to put together.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

40k Ork War Boss - Refreshed

 I'm pulling a few models out of my collection and putting them up for Auction on Ebay in the Madhouse_Workshop account.  I originally painted the model around 2003 for Gamesday Chicago. 
Its been in storage pretty much ever since.
If you like him, you may have a chance to own him. 
Ebay: Madhouse_Workshop auction, 40k Warboss

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

WIP on the Desk: Dwarves and Romans and Vikings and Arthurians Oh My!

 Kind of an odd mix of stuff on the painting desk at the moment. I have in the works a Reaper Miniatures Dwarf, I believe this is a Werner Klonke sculpt. Fun and an easy miniature to paint, practically paints itself.
I also have this dwarf, a Red Box Games - Tre Manor sculpt. Not sure when or even why I picked up this model. I'm normally not into dwarves. Even though these are both dwarves there are huge scale differences between the two. Even though this one is smaller the detail is still there and it is kind of neat miniature to paint.
Then we have the two Romans, both Foundry miniatures. If you have followed my blog, in the past I've paint a number of these models. They are some of my favorites to paint as they have a nice flow, and not overly complex detail. They practically paint themselves and once painted always seem to look very nice. I have to different schemes going on here, one in reds that I'm very comfortable painting, and another in purples which I'm attempting to become comfortable painting.
Then some Foundry Vikings and Saxon Miniatures' Arthurians.

Then I have a few wound markers in the works along with some pieces I cut out of the base for the Mumak that I'm converting.  Thought they would make decent terrain additions.  

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Finished Painting the Roman Unit

24 Strong.  I have plenty of command models from my older stuff, so this basically all troops with a Centurion, my newest veteran unit.  The Movement tray was something that I wanted to do since doing things like that for my Viking units.
I think the front rank turned out pretty awesome.
The second rank has good detail and a good dynamic going on, having mixed in some of Warlord Games' metal EIRs.
Above and below are some detail shots of the hapless barbarians.  The capes on the romans are actually stolen from the Fireforge Teutonic Knights kit.
The blood pools are high gloss, using a clear red Tamiya paint after my few coats of dullcote.

Yea even a Roman has fallen.
Really like the side shot.
 In the back, I did not let up on the painting detail.
 I see, I need to touch up the back of the movement tray a little bit.
 So more detail shots of the below.
Some of the heads are Praetorians with the crest holes filled, some are from the barbarian ranks with Roman helmets.

There you have it, my newest Early Imperial Roman unit.  I plan to do a few more Roman pieces to replace the models that I sold off.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Old Stuff Wednesday: Adepticon Team Army

Circa 2006 - A team-up army with my buddy Mike Butcher.  This was from Adepticon, our first team up playing in their Warhammer Fantasy Team tournament.
It featured my Beastmen and his evil Dryad trees.  
I don't remember what we called the army, I think I wrote the fluff.  Mike built the longest display base on the planet.  I think it was part surf board.

His trees were quite evil looking.

 Not sure what happened to his tree army, probably sold to someone, but the conversions standard amazing.

The centerpiece of the display was the Khorne monolith, that warped the trees into something evil.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some of the cooler rank and file Romans.....

Just about done with the Roman Unit.  This is a really cool stand.  I picked up some of the metal Warlord Games Romans.  The left most model is one of the really cool ones, that is in action throwing his pilum.
 Nice dynamic pose for a second rank.  The guy on the far right is a another with some manica armor and also with a Praetorian head, I had to fill the slot in the helmet with some Greenstuff.

Below are couple of more models that I really like.  The kneelling one is another metal model with a veteran manica arm swap and the one with the cavalry mask.
Now that I'm looking at the one in the mask, I probably should blackout the eyes.
From the back you can see I still paid attention to the backs of the shields also.  Really like how the mask helm turned out, especially the cool brass colors.