Monday, February 22, 2016

Stronghold Terrain - Unboxing of the Dark Age Cottage

 I recently ordered the Dark Age Cottage from Stronghold Terrain to further expand my collection of terrain.  Pretty nice looking piece.  There is a bit of strange thing with their mail order if you are ordering from the United States.  Their form asks for your State, but when they process the order and the shipping address the State does not show up.  When I caught that in the confirmation email they sent to me, they had already packed and shipped the item.  At least with the Zip Code it found its way to me from Germany. 

This is what you receive in the kit from them. The Cottage, miscellaneous barrels and sacks, some faux fur for the roofing.
The detail is very crisp and fine.  Not much in the way of mold flash.
Looks like it will be a fun piece to put together.

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