Saturday, February 27, 2016

Building the Dark Age Cottage

Getting things built on the Stronghold Terrain.  Pretty cool looking building.
With it being a resin cast, I anticipated that some of the joins would be a little rough.  They are actually not too bad.
After super gluing the walls to the base, I dug out the Apoxie Sculpt, and went to work filling gaps and reinforcing the joins.  Below the gaps on this end of the base were a little much.  I just filled that with some of the Apoxie Sculpt and hit it with a hard bristled tooth brush.
Below you can see the welding of the joins with the Apoxie Sculpt and super glue.
The roof is a bit more problematic, so I used a few pins and some more Apoxie Sculpt.
More on this project to follow.