Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Roman Irritation of Sorts....

I bought some Warlord Games Auxiliaries a long time ago.  I originally thought they would be great to use with me Warlord Games Early Imperial Romans.  When I opened the box though, I found they were giants in comparison.  In the picture below on the left is a Foundry Roman that also makes the Warlord Games Romans look like dwarfs.  The one on the right is a plastic Warlord Games Roman, close to the same size as the Foundry.  I have a bunch of the metal Foundry guys that I bought a long time ago also.
This Warlord Games kit, is one of the worst plastic kits out there that I have worked with recently.  Don't get me wrong the details are great, and the models have a good look, but for being a multi-part plastic kit its horrible when it comes to options.  Not enough poses, nor head variations, nor armament, didn't even come with a banner or musician or command model.  May as well just spent my money on the Foundry stuff instead.  So instead of doing them up as Auxiliaries, I'll probably build a smaller second Roman army and combine them in with the Foundry Romans.

I assembled the whole box of them Friday night, they also rank up horribly.  I'm use to converting stuff and having issues with ranking, but these were box stock.  Nice looking miniatures, but a Terrible kit, yes with a capital T.  I don't recommend it to anyone, but to those people that I dislike.


  1. I think warlord games screwed the pooch on scale at first, as the original Romans figures are ridiculously small and then to say that you did it on purpose because Romans were short... Really, lol...

  2. I agree they messed up by at least 2-3 mm on their scale, but to make these so much bigger was an even bigger screw-up. The EIR are like 23 mm foot to head, if you count the stand they are 25 mm. These are 28 mm giants and look stupid next to the EIRs.

  3. Hmm, I was wondering why you recommended these to me.

  4. Yep, Joe make sure you buy 4 boxes of these.