Saturday, May 13, 2017

Unleashing more Chaos Hounds

These are the OOP GW Chaos Warhounds that I built and painted for my Beastmen army.  I'm back after 4 straight weekends of kart racing.  These are quite old, but have held up well over the years after a lot of games.  I have decided thin out my collection of miniatures a bit with the fall of Warhammer as we use to know it.

 So that means these two units are up for sale on ebay.   The one above is at the following link:  Ebay Auction Link - Click Here
 Here are some close up shots of the minis.  I remembered not liking these as I built them, but as I painted them they were quite cool looking.
 I think the torn flesh is pretty cool looking.

Below is the howling unit.  This one is also up for sale, click the following link if you are interested in it:  Click this Link to Ebay Auction

 I don't really remember what colors I used for the bodies, but I do think it worked quite well and accented the fur.

There you have it.....some more models that will likely be parting from my collection.  As always much more to follow as I continue with the Dark Ages and venture back to Rome as well.