Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More Vikings

 I'm gradually building some additional Vikings for use with my Viking army and also for SAGA.  With doing minis up for SAGA I can get a little more carried away with poses and other such things that don't really work well for rank and file.
That said the Dane axe dudes will work with either easily.  The old glory minis in the center I just want to paint up for a cool scene.  I've kept the shields off of them as I will add those to the miniatures later after everything is painted.
Below is the axe wielding Viking with the cape.  The cape is from the Fire Forge Teutonic knights kit.
 Does give a nice flowing effect.
I'm also using up the last of the Warlord Games barbarians to make some more skirmishers for the army.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Warriors of Chaos: Addition Lost In the Warp

Quite awhile ago James over at the Lost In the Warp blog asked me to build him a beastman for his army.  I enjoyed the project very much and I asked James build a miniature for my Chaos Warriors army.  James came up with this mini, using a variety of parts.  James did a nice job in creating something that I think will fit nicely. 
I finally got around to basing the model to match my other chaos warriors.  I plan to use this model in my marauder units.
This mini is going into the line of to be painted models very soon.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Bretonnian Knights: Modeling Part 2

One thing I always like to do are minor subtle conversions when building armies.  This is what gives you flavor and variety that others are missing.  This knight is one of those.  I simply cut off the lance and put his sword in his hand.   After all once that initial charge is over the lance is broken and done anyways.  The plan was to put broken lances on the bases and movement trays like they were just dropped.  The sword is from a Reaper Miniatures sword pack blister.
Also note the helm has the boar on it.  That boar use to have a sword in it.  But I wanted variety so simply removing that sword created just that.
I was also playing with the positions of the horse heads to give a bit more variety.  It looks easier than it is to get that right and smoothed out and then to fix the reigns.  And is very subtle.

Another thing that GW did not do for the Bret knights was couch the lance.  I can understand why as far as ranking them goes, but really they should have that arm on the sprue.
 I decided to make that.  Its an easy conversion using the Empire knights couched lance arm converting it with Bret parts.
Below is another variation on the couched lance.  Also the helm on this one is something they should have also given as an option.  This is one of those that has the little tie and chain to it for hanging on the miniature, simply clipped off.
 As you can see I also removed a lot of the icons from the horse and smoothed that out.  
The cape again is something that GW should have as an option.  This cape is a left over from my FireForge miniatures.

That's it for now, I'm off to the race track....

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Additions to my Warriors of Chaos Army

As I continue to build the Warriors of Chaos army, I keep adding miniatures, cherry picking all of the models that I like from other manufacturers.  The following are just some of those models.
Below we see the worm, from Reaper Miniatures.   This is the Bones one that I have had and shown a bit previously.  I plan to use this as another spawn.
Below is another model that I have had on my radar for awhile and saw it down to Adepticon, so I picked it up and made a couple of changes to it.  It will fit in with my marauders.
Below is another awesome Manor sculpt for Reaper Miniatures.  This is an awesomely huge model that I have had for quite sometime, again purchased before the Bones came out.  The model is mounted on a 50x50 base.  I will use it as a unit filler.
 Below are couple of the gross Helldorado minis.  Very awesome looking minis, look for to painting this dark and sick stuff.
The big guy does have some gaps, but those are easy to fill.
Much more to come......as this project is never done.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Madhouse - Race Track???

If you enjoy impressive stupidity, you came to the right place.  Yea..... I caught some video of some racing late model stock cars at Bowman Gray Stadium out of North Carolina the past couple of weekends.  This track is known as the Madhouse, after seeing this, I now understand why.  This has to be some of the most stupid and ridiculous behavior I have ever seen at a race track.  Below is part one that happened on 7/13/13.
That guy trying to get in the car is dumb.  I think I know what he was trying to do, but that was really stupid thing to try.  The driver of the 02 was not much better.  And then to get up and run after the car after getting dumped, that driver was stuck on stupid.

And it gets better. The driver of the 02 car was not done yet as the stupid driver that he drug along the track, his brother was leading the race with the 02 in second.  So the 02 then dumps the guys brother on the exit to pit road.  And consequently the brother is not much smarter as he attempts to run at the 02, only to get tackled by a cop.
Lets see that stupidity again.  Your momma must be proud...
But, it gets better, just the following week, more on the track stupidity, with the brothers doing a tag team of wrecking and mayhem after another on the track incident.  I think the track officials and cops there are also missing a few brain cells, no way I'm running out on that track with that much crazy and fast cars with stupid people on the track.
Wow....glad I do not race there.  I would need probably 7-8 guys that were 6'-5 and 295-320 lbs to protect my little butt.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Bretonnian Knights: Modeling Part 1

 As I mentioned in a recent post, I'm cleaning out some partially finished projects, most of which will just be some modeling.  This is part one of the never finished Bretonian project that I started probably 4 years ago.  These models have become expendable since the release of FireForge's models.  Those are much more to my liking.  These GW models are just obnoxious in comparison.
The knight pictured above and below was a start of a number of conversions that I was doing.  I really wanted to get rid of a some of the items that GW put all over the models, especially the horses.  So on a few I had started removing the obnoxious embossed shield crap that GW put on them, and smooth out the horse's caparison.
I also took to removing some things from the head dress on the helms.  I don't mind that aspect of the knight, but I had intended to build the army, never repeating a single one.  Sounds difficult....but there were some subtle things that could be done to change things up. 

I will not be painting these.  All of these knights will be getting dumped on ebay soon.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

WIP On the Desk: Chaos unit filler

I've had this Reaper Miniature for quite some time, prior to knowing about the huge run of Bones that they were going to do.  It is another Manor sculpt.  That poor Viking is getting squashed.
 I did not like the two headed giant, so I dug through the Ogre bits and added that Ogre head and chaos'd it up a little bit.
The right hand weapon was cooler looking that the left hand weapon.  I added the straps, added the pack and covered up the wimpy gut plate the model originally had.

I have a little more to do the miniature, but its coming along.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

WIP On the Desk: Time for the Inquisition

So I bet you all thought I was a slackin' and just racing go karts this summer.  Well you would be wrong.  Even with a busted up left hand I'm doing some work.  I do race again tomorrow though.

I have been a bit bummed out about miniatures lately.  The local store has closed, ancients has fizzled, Fantasy 8th plain sucks, and I'm not fired up at all to paint that Flames of War crap.  Good thing I have racing to suck up most of my spare time this summer.

Okay, I have been cleaning out a bunch of stuff, projects that I have no use for any more, bits that are just not going to get used anytime soon, etc.  That means a bunch of stuff that is half built needs to be finished and a few pieces that probably are not sellable unpainted need to get a bit of paint or at least a coat of primer, and I also have  a bunch of pieces to add to my current armies.

The Inquisitor below is one of those pieces that I actually want to paint.  I picked it up years ago from someone half painted.  I sat it in some Castrol Superclean and removed the paint.  The original primer was black and certainly stained what is a rather porous metal casting.  But it will paint up just fine.
I still need to find a left hand or something for a that.  I do like the pose of this mini.  I also decided to build up a 25 mm base with some broken resin strips that will paint up nice as some concrete.
 Off to the right of the model, you see some of the Maxmini chaotic looking shields.  I picked them up recently, a little disappointed with the size and some of the detail in the resin is very shallow.  I'll figure  out something with them for my chaos.
 What is a GW mini without a skull on the base???
Below a close up of the base.
What else is on the desk.....Brets, Vikings, a stug, a werewolf, and Medusa.  I need to clear out some of this stuff, so I can start building my newest army that I'm charged up for, of which the Medusa will be a part of.
So, there you have it.  Even with a hurt hand, being bummed out, and racing every week, I'm getting some stuff done.  And I will be starting to sling some paint in a couple of weeks.

And as I start cleaning out a bunch of crap...there will be a bunch of things going up for auction on Ebay.  As always, more to follow.....

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Old Stuff Wednesday - July: Black Templar Dreadnought 2

Circa 2004.  This is the third Dreadnought that I had painted.  I already had one for my Cerulean Templars and really did not need another.  So after painting the old metal one in a Black Templar scheme, I decided to do this one in the same style, with the additional arms.  The plastic dread is much nicer to paint than the old metal dread.  After I finished this I sold it to someone.

Below is the assault cannon arm, I really like the two tone cross on the armor.  I think that is a really cool way to do crosses.
 Nothing spectacular in the back.
 I did the stripes on the other arm, similar to the previous dread.
 The front has alot of cool details.  I do wish I had done the lenses in a color different from the icons and missile warheads.
It was a fun project.