Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back from Gamesday and more Favre........

Well Chicago Gamesday has come and gone, and it was great to spend time with some of my fellow hobbyist and people that just wanted to learn about the hobby. Got to speak quite a bit with Kent Plumb, Bennet Blaylock Doane, Dave Taylor, a little bit with Dave Pauwels, Cathy Wappel, Aaron Wilson, Chris Borer, James Craig, and others that I have probably forgotten. Our group had a great turnout of people hosting the demon lounge. James will probably have some coverage on his site Lost In the Warp. And most of my day and the evening before was spent with fellow madman Mike Butcher. He and I came up with dastardly plans for the 2010.

And what would a week be without some news about Favre. This time he says he's not coming back, then Brad Childress of the Vikings says he's not coming back, then he says he may comeback around November 1, which just so happens to be around the time Green Bay and ViQueens play, and he doesn't think he can play a full season. Wow Brett you are so decisive about everything. This is not over you know...this is going to keep going on and on. As a Packer fan and a ViQueen hater...I hope this all ends with Minnesota going down in flames. It'll serve them right for first tamper with the Packers and then playing the Jets. Brad Childress one mistake was setting a deadline for Favre to report to camp. You cannot tell this diva what to do. And Mark Murphy, Packer Pres., still wants to retire is number, I hope he does not, maybe he can be indecisive also.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

You ever wonder what the Handsome Point Boys are like.....

Alright, I had some time to kill while packing up some stuff getting ready for Gamesday, so I listened to a podcast by the Handsome Point Boys, otherwise known as Skrewdriver Johnny and Joe the Rodge. Now these guys are some of the guys from Wisconsin that hang with Mike Butcher and I occassionally along with Ryan The Bear. Its interesting, they do occassionally annoy me, they are quite often boisterous, loud, and often drunk, but they play and do Warhammer stuff very well and often are entertaining. So if you want to know what I often go through at Adepticon and some other events hanging out with these guys give them a listen at Pointhammered

I often need about six months to recover after spending a weekend around them. If you do not like foul language and semi-juvenile behaviour don't listen.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Chicago Gamesday 09 Preview

Mike Butcher and I will be doing seminar there on building/converting/painting/themes you name it anything associated with the building of armies. To find us go to the Golden Demon Lounge where we and the rest of TNA and some others will be hanging out all day long. There is a registration for the seminar, but we will also be sitting at the table, so feel free to ask us or anyone else sitting at the table.

And yes there will be a great deal of models on display for our seminar and I would guess the rest of TNA will have a great deal of things on display also. Registration begins at 10

Others that will be at the table throughout the day include past slayersword winners: Chris Borer, Dylan Gauker, Lilli Troy, Jeff Wilhelm, Bennett Blalock-Doane, and other great painters and converters such as Nathan Commanse, Dave Pauwels, Mathieu Fontaine, James Craig, Kent Plumb, Brian Sobb, Aaron Wilson, Brice Cocanour, and maybe some others. I know Dave Taylor and James & Cathy Wappel will also be around.

So stop by and say hi.