Monday, May 12, 2014

Purchased a new camera

I purchased a new Nikon digital SLR camera.  Still figuring it out.   BUT since I now hope to be a much better camera since my work camera is not very good and my old Nikon died on me, expect some pictures of Viking army units and figures soon.  I had been holding off photographing them a bit, until I managed to get a new camera.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Dr. Faust Painting Clinic - End of an Era

Having taken a little bit of time off to do some other things has allowed me to think about somethings and where the hobby is actually going. I got up this morning and saw this come across my Youtube subcriptions notice that the Dr. Faust Painting Clinic webpage has been closed. Back in the mid to late 90's when I was just getting started in the hobby this was one of the web pages that helped me out with figuring out some of the painting techniques that I was struggling with. Nowadays, the community has grown to a point where you can find hundreds of web pages, forums, blogs, youtube channels, etc that can help you with every aspect of the hobby. 
I listened to his posting about the closing and see many parallels between where he came from with myself. No, my screen name, did not come from the local bar scene, it was actually from playing Quake on-line with a bunch of college buddies and influenced by Kiss's Psycho Circus. And no, this does mean I'm closing the blog either.
But all that said I really have experienced many of the same feelings over the years and have had many similar run-ins with people that have vehemently disliked my past work or tutorials.  Much of that has toned down since I do not frequent forums as much any more compared to what use to.
Anyways, I thought I would share this with you all, linked below is his youtube announcement.
And I do recommend viewing his channel if you enjoy the hobby or are someone just getting started in the hobby.