Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Chaos War Mammoth WIP update

I've made considerable progress since you last saw this.  Quite frankly its looked liked this for about 3 weeks now as I have worked on other things.
Above you can see I have started on the chaosing of the Mumak, adding horns where there should not be any.  The Mammoth is he, but obviously the Chaos Gods are mean.  And this time I wanted some battle scars.
 The sculpted howdah wood grain is all out of Apoxie Sculpt laid over plastic.
I'll be adding many more chaos symbols.
Above is some blended in Nurgle like stuff going on.  The red and blue sharpie layouts are notes to myself as I'm going for different effects and fur line.
 I was going to have third platform, but it just did not look quite right so the back will likely have a bunch of chains hanging down. 
It continues........

Monday, May 18, 2015

Car Wars ---- Mad Max affliction

Don't know sometimes.....saw Dave Taylor messing around with car wars and I had this Hot Wheels '71 Plymouth sitting on my desk for ages and it got a little close to some of my bits sitting around on the table and things transpired.....
I'm likely not done with it yet, obviously it needs to be painted.  
Part of my plan is to mask off some of the Mopar green, a just simply hideous color, but probably perfect what will likely happen paint wise.