Friday, December 21, 2012

New Chaos Chosen Warriors Done & In Color

So I recently complete part of my Chosen unit, basically of the rank and file models, none of the command.

I stayed with the primary blue scheme on the armor and the burnt orange for some of the lesser parts.  These are the all metal models, none of the so-called Failcast.  I've had them for years.

A took a bunch of closer shots of the models in smaller groups.  I attempted to make each one somewhat unique in color scheme and also by just doing simple head swaps with Chaos Warriors and Chaos Knights.
I think the weathered metal turned out pretty good and the brass/bronze is the same recipe that I used on my Khorne Demons.

One of the things I attempt to do with the color is to make it pop, its kind of like a poor man's attempt at painting the so-called NMM.  Below is a bit closer shot.  I'm highlighting the blue upto to a very blue white color, never using pure white.

I'll continue this whole color scheme into the Chaos Knights and Chaos Warrior units also, no matter what mark they carry.
Below is a good shot of the backs of the models and how I do the really rounded areas of the armor.
That is probably it for this week, I'll probably be back around next Monday with some more Christmas goodies.


  1. The blue and the brown look really well together, a great scheme.

  2. The group is quite cohesive and the colour choices are quite effective. Good work.

    What colours did you use to make and age the metals? I really like that dirty finishing.

  3. Thanks guys, much appreciated.

    I get that aged metal primarily with a series of acrylic washes. I start by using a Vallejo dark Purple, then a wash of a very dark brown like GW's Scorched Brown or Vallejo's Mahogany, then a wash of a rusty orange-brown like GW's Bestial Brown. And the final touch is Vallejo's Smoke. My acrylic washes are about 1 part paint to 10-12 parts water, load the brush and drain a bit off on a rag.

    After I do all that then go back and highlight everything.

  4. Thanks for the tip, the final result is very good. I'm going to try that out on my metals.

  5. Impressive as always, PC. Happy Holidays, Dean

  6. "None of the so-called failcast"

    That doesn't make sense. So-called Finecast, yes. Just calling them fail cast, yes. Anyway, thats wrong, Finecast models are fine. Yes theres the odd problem, but for the most part they are good quality.

    1. That's poking fun at people. I hear alot of people call the GW resin stuff Failcast. Failcast, Finecast, Whatever-cast, I really don't care what they are as long as you put out good quality. And as I said I have not worked with them yet, don't have any plans to, until I get caught up with everything else.