Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Old Stuff Wednesday - February... Beastlord...Let there be War

Almost forgot to do an Old Stuff Wednesday this month, but I didn't.  So this month we have one of Beastlord / Wargor's from back in 2003 or so.  One of my favorite models from my tabletop beastmen army. I wanted the armor a bit heavier, to arm him with neat scratch built sword and big khorne symbol on the shield.   Back then you could mark your beastmen. 
So I sculpted some add on armor.  I sculpted the Khorne symbol on a chaos warriors shield.
Added a few trophies to the back of the model.
The writing on the sword, does say something profane in the Dark Tongue, can't remember what.
And a wip shot, collage showing the conversion work.  You will need to click on the picture to see it close up.  The sword blade was made out of plasti-card.
So there, the first of four Wargors.  I really need to do this figure again for my Chaos warriors army as a mutant.  Fun miniature.

Release the Hou......Errr....Wolves

Uh..oh...just saw the pics of the new GW Fenrisian wolves floating around the internet.  GW finally hired someone that apparently knows how to sculpt wolves.  Their previous incarnations have been absolutely terrible, these though, each one looks like its caught in mid lunge or jaunting through the woods.  Sick.  I absolutely love the flowing movement.  I plan to get some these, but not for space wolves, but for my goblins, don't really care if they are possibly the same size as the boars.  If they are too big then I'll have orcs ride them.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

WAB Skirmishers...WIP

Originally, I had planned to use some skirmishers with my Imperial Romans, but after looking at the newly released AoA and knowing that it will probably be used for most future tournaments, I noted the lack of skirmishers and allies for Rome.  So plan B, Viking Skirmishers, another project from late Friday night converting.
These are Warlord Games Barbarians with some Gripping Beasts Viking bits such as the long knives and swords and such.  GB's heads don't work, but the other bits will.  They do have a sort of berserker look to them.  I added a bit of hair to some, probably need to add beards to most of them, along with a bit of fur.  Probably need to change some swords to axes.  I also need to come up with some bucklers for them, I will probably sculpt this and then mold it.  More to come on these guys.

So now I have a deficit of painting, 52 models built and converted, but a big fat 0 for finished painted.  Hmm.....need to work on that also.

A Roman Irritation of Sorts....

I bought some Warlord Games Auxiliaries a long time ago.  I originally thought they would be great to use with me Warlord Games Early Imperial Romans.  When I opened the box though, I found they were giants in comparison.  In the picture below on the left is a Foundry Roman that also makes the Warlord Games Romans look like dwarfs.  The one on the right is a plastic Warlord Games Roman, close to the same size as the Foundry.  I have a bunch of the metal Foundry guys that I bought a long time ago also.
This Warlord Games kit, is one of the worst plastic kits out there that I have worked with recently.  Don't get me wrong the details are great, and the models have a good look, but for being a multi-part plastic kit its horrible when it comes to options.  Not enough poses, nor head variations, nor armament, didn't even come with a banner or musician or command model.  May as well just spent my money on the Foundry stuff instead.  So instead of doing them up as Auxiliaries, I'll probably build a smaller second Roman army and combine them in with the Foundry Romans.

I assembled the whole box of them Friday night, they also rank up horribly.  I'm use to converting stuff and having issues with ranking, but these were box stock.  Nice looking miniatures, but a Terrible kit, yes with a capital T.  I don't recommend it to anyone, but to those people that I dislike.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Small Chaos Marauders...WIP

A rowdy group of chaos dwarves and midgetgors.
They ought to fit nicely with the rest of the mutant marauders.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A new Chaos Dwarf Bannerman for the Mutant Marauders

Definitely needed another banner man for my mutant marauders so I have this little guy in WIP more, need to clean him up a little.  Another of the Avatars of War, Dwarf Berserker conversions.  Little and a few gaps, But he'll work.
Thought on this one that I would try the chaos helm as the AoW heads are smaller than the Chaos helms.   The banner will be Slaanesh all the way.
Gave him some hair and got him up in the air so that his big sword clears my movement trays.  I'll come back with rock and ballast later to fill that ugly ledge in.
I'm still under the weather and my cold came roaring back.  Working and deadlines and stressing over work this time of year is never a good thing.  Too many pressures.  Hopefully things a slow down soon so I can rest and get better.  Also checkout Avatars of War's Warriors of Apoc.  I'll definitely be picking up a unit or two of those for my chaos army which continues to expand in model count.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Whole Shibang....The Big Batch of Converted Chaos Space Marines

That's right the whole dug-gone batch of converted chaos space marines over the past couple of months is wrapped up.  Each one converted with what was left of my bitz box pieces (not to say there won't be a couple more, it was a deep bitz box).

Every last one of that group is currently up for auction on Ebay, starting at a relatively paltry sum to clear them off of my desk.  Discounts in shipping will be included if multiple models are won.  I normally do not ship internationally, but will make exceptions for these as listed.

If you are interested you can find them by putting in the Madhouse Workshop in the search engine or at the following link.

I've also listed some additional things and included some more of my bitz box. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Crusading....The Knights in WIP...WAB

What's on my desk, some more knights getting treated with some color.  I'm still working through deadlines at work and still not feeling well, trying to get over my cold.  So my progress has been greatly hampered.   Most all of the mounted knights are Conquest with a couple of Perry's. 

One in the middle right with the couched lance is actually using a Gripping Beast Viking spear.

A few additional spearmen in the background for my spear unit.  Someone was nagging me about getting things done, so I'm attempting to do that.  Haven't seen his progress yet, so there you have it my gauntlet has been tossed, will the Old Coot Butcher respond?  lol....all in good fun....jab..jab... poke...poke...  For me painting horses is like painting 3 human miniatures, I still do not feel comfortable painting horses for historical use. 

If you are going to Adepticon this spring and playing the big WAB Crusades game, I will be on the Christian side.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another of the Khornate Space Marines

Last of this batch.  I'll probably assemble the group for a photo and put them up on Ebay very soon.  I'll announce that in case any of you are interested.

On this one I used some of the Khorne brass etch.  The brass etch is very fiddly, I used alot of it in the past on my Khorne Demon Army.
If you don't bend it just right, and even if you do, it does not always fit properly.  Hence the gap you see on the power fist.  That can be filled with a bit of greenstuff and made to look smoother.
So I corrected that after I saw the magnified photos.

Mutant Dwarf for the Marauding

Simple yet effective little mutant for my marauder horde.

Hmmmm....more ideas.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Creating Viking Casaulties....WIP

Kind of fitting for the mood that I'm in tonight.  Spent a brief amount time killing some Vikings for my new army.  I picked up some War Games Factory Viking bits from Hoard of Bits.  Mainly to destroy them and add a bit of carnage.  When Gripping Beasts packs their boxes so full of plastic, you can afford to sacrifice a few models for doing this kind of stuff.  My mood often influences what it is that I do.

So yes the pieces are a mixture of War Games Factory, Warlord Games, and Gripping Beast Plastics.  I'll do some GS smoothing and texturing and gap filling to finish them off.  I will likely leave the heads off some of them and maybe an arm or two.  Then the plan is to cast them.  And then you can make a variety of dead people for that special occasion of dismemberment on the tabletop. 

My pillaging has just begun.....more to follow.