Monday, May 30, 2011

Tzeentch Knight unit modelled.

Well, made some progress on the Tzeentch unit of knights. I still have one cape to do and have to finish all of the basing and movement tray, but they are essentially done with the exception of few little touch-ups. Hopefully the next time you see them they will be in color.

Below is the bannerman and the musician.

The next shot is of the entire unit. The Max-mini heads really set these apart and make them look good. I have a chaos warrior unit and a chosen unit, those will have plenty of the warrior heads on them, so these knights had to be different.

This is not the movement tray that I will use for these, this is one of the spares that was from a junked project.

The next two photos show the flanks. I like this flank, turning the outside figure ever so slightly to look off in this direction.

The one thing that I tried to do with this unit is have it look like the center models are charging out a little bit. The banner man and the unit champ are mounted a bit forward. The one benefit of doing this is that it does help with the ranking up of some crazy poses. This won't work as well for you if you do not make a movement trays a bit wider.

And another few of the knights from the front.

Next up Khorne!...The Khorne Knight Unit is almost finished. Also got a unit of Chaos Warriors and some more additions to the marauders, along with a spawn or two. And pics of my painted Crusaders are coming also.

Blog Addition

In addition to the afforementioned "My Blog List #2", I have also added my "Hobby Activity 2011". No, its not a stroke of my ego, not really a motivational tool, more for a log of what I have done and to do. Many of us in the hobby, buy lots of things and never get them done. ie. my Napoleonics. I still do plan on doing them. Its just they have gotten put off down the road a little bit. Recently, I bought 3 boxes of Gripping Beast plastic Vikings. That will be my next WAB army. As I've mentioned before, I have basically all of my projects lined up for the next several years, basically have all the parts I need to do everything that I want to do in Warhammer Fantasy and 40k. And I'm nearing that point for Warhammer Ancients.

Next up pushing forward on the Warriors of Chaos.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A bit of shuffling on my blog....

For regular readers you may have noticed I have added a My Blog List #2 to the right hand side. In this list I'm basically putting blogs from friends and others that I enjoy reading that are typically not updated as much, but are interesting nonetheless. These are good blogs that generally disappear for long periods of time until someone hits the Show All button.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

VC Bashin' Black Orc BSB banner

The VC Bashin' boys of course need a BSB with an obnoxiously huge banner. So a conversion was in order. I have a couple of corpse carts in pieces, and thought those zombies pulling it along were so cool. So why not put them on a banner.

Simple conversion, obnoxiously huge, bashing VC, what more could a Black Orc ask for?

Friday, May 20, 2011

Another night in the kart...not a good showing.

Got few pics from the past couple weeks, nothing from tonight yet. And honestly tonight was not a good night for me. Had a bad draw for Heat 1 started in the back, got into with two other karts just after the green flag and spun out early before lap one was even complete. Got a restart, go a trapped low, rode around awhile, tried to get a couple a spots late and did, but got greedy trying for one more on the last lap and got hooked and spun out finished last.

The above pic is from the first week during a warm up lap.

The above is the pace lap of the begining of one of the heat races.

In Heat two tonight, they inverted the field so now I'm starting outside of the pole. Got the lead by end of lap one and it went all downhill from there and finished a very disappointing fifth. Had an okay start but I had made an air pressure adjustment in the tires that did not work and lost all the handling on the kart.

The above orange and black kart is my old man. He took third in the feature tonight, pretty good since he had nearly 30+years on all of the other competitors with the exception of me.

Got in the feature, and because of my poor heat races, I was put in the back row. Got one spot on lap one. Then two of the kart in front were fighting back in forth, I felt I was faster. After following them 2-3 laps, I decided to dive the apron a bit and see if I could get one of them, almost got both, couldn't get clear and lost the momentum for the next corner. So got back and line and waited for 3-4 laps while the leaders were getting away. The 96 finally made his move low on the 53 and it was time to go and follow him through. Away we went. I still felt faster than the 96 and diced with him a bit trying to get around him, but he was trapping low. We did this for another 3 laps or so the leaders were gone. Then coming out of turn 4, he got loose tapped his brakes, I punched his left rear and he goes into a spin. I was like I'm going to spin out unless I powerslide into his side, so I held it, side swiped him and straightened him out and then it was drag race down the straight. 96 runs a Briggs, it has more torque, he got away, I lost momentum and it took 3-4 more laps to get back to him. Finally I get around them, and got passed by the leader in a 206 Animal. After that we had 3 more laps and I was flat out getting away from those behind me. Too little too late. 5th in the Feature a lap down.

Yep the above was more like how things went for me tonight. That is me in the middle of the track going the wrong direction. I think this was from one of week ones heat races. I think I got hooked by the silver 73. He is a good hard racer and fun to compete against.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The VC Bashin' Black Orc Unit....Modeling's Done

Well here is the completed unit with movement tray and without the banners. The tray like the others for the VC Bashers are a bit larger than normal to add extra eye candy and keep shaky people away from smashing them on the table.

I will say after shooting these pics, I thought I let down the theme a bit. So I went back and added more zombie heads and other body parts to them for trophies. The BSB and unit champ are in the middle of the front rank.

Note the turning of the dudes on the flanks to face the outside a little bit more. I think this helps with the eyecandy along the sides. It also helps in ranking up the unit a little bit more.

The back of the unit is boring, but the addition of the capes will allow the commissioner a place to freehand some more details if he so chooses.

And that is it for the Blorcs. Back to chaos...and I should soon be showing pics of my painted crusaders.

Also in a bit of cool news, I just read off of George RR Martin's site that Dance of Dragons is coming out in July. I can not wait to read that book...well actually I've been waiting years...but oh well. Looking forward to it. I'll be racing again Friday night unless it rains.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Price Increases....GW....Other Manufacturers

I've been reading alot of complaints about recent announcements by Games Workshop and their new policy on selling and new price increases that are coming. Not good news by any means, but that's how it is. They obviously feel like they are in a position that they can do this and not kill their profits. More power to them if they think they can get away with, but it does hurt. But in the same token I'm not screaming the sky is falling. This hobby is the least expensive of all my hobbies with the exception of drawing. The other thing people need to keep in perspective is what is happening with the price of oil, this is impacting everything. I work in an industry that is closely related to the construction industry and in the past few years, I've been watching the prices of everything fluctuate all over the place. Its a volatile market today if you are in a business selling a product, you do need to protect yourself. Now this isn't to poo-poo all of the criticism, or to say it is okay. Will some people get driven off by all this, obviously some will. I quite honestly am probably nearing the end of building GW armies for myself as I see my orcs taking me a few years to do completely and plan on having a new 40k space marine army in the near future as well as finishing my chaos warriors army. So my parts list is pretty much filled, my schedule for the next few years is most definitely filled. After that I will have done most everything I've ever wanted to do army wise in GW stuff.

Now if all this cost increase stuff deeply depresses you, and you are thinking about quitting because of GW, I'm going to say shame on you. Have you looked elsewhere for miniatures, are you not paying attention.....There are some great new companies doing high quality plastic miniatures and very much affordably, as well as being supportive by doing metal miniatures to supplement. And I'm not talking about Mantic as I really dislike the appearance of everything that they have done thus far with the exception of their undead.

If you don't like GW anymore and want to continue playing wargames, checkout these companies and support them with your hard earned money:

And don't be afraid to supplement those above with some metal miniatures from these fine manufacturers:

Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Friday Night in the Kart...Better Results

Took a break again from warhammer and went go-kart racing again tonight. One less racer in my class tonight but 9 karts on a 1/8 mile high banked asphalt track is quite a few karts. A few more tweaks this weekend, more tire pressure, a different clutch, and different sprocket.

We drew for starting position in the first Heat Race, I drew pretty high and started inside of row 3, behind my old man. When the checkered flag was thrown I finished 4th, as the Animal engined #14 spun out in front of me, damn near a bad collision, but I got around dirt track style. You should have seen how big his eyes were inside his helmet as I missed him.

2nd Heat Race I started inside of row 2 this time, a really fun race lots of back and forth racing. This time the 14 got out front and stayed there. The animal engine makes a lot more power than my wee Clone engine. But in the end I managed to keep everyone behind me and I finished 2nd. Was very pumped about that.

The Feature. Started alongside the 73 Clone engined kart and points leader in the class. He is running a different clutch and getting a lot of pull and definitely can take off faster than me, he is also running a different sprocket. This time I'm on the outside of the front row, not really where I want to be. My old man is right behind me. The two Animal engined 17 and 14 are inside row 2 and 3. In order for me to hang on to the position I'm going to have to get going fast and get to the inside. We line up 2 wide run to start the 17 jumped the start inside pushing the 73 past me so I let off the gas and didn't go so they threw the yellow and waived it off. So now I know what he is going to do. Next time around I was on the gas but the kart sputtered a bit, he still got a jump and pushed the 73 down the track. By the time we left turn two I was in fourth and that is where I stayed. The track cooled down and I felt like I was holding on for dear life. Got to the half way point and I was spent. Then a late yellow for a spin slow us all down and my kart sputtered and quit. We were in esssentially a red stopped condition to clear the spins. Got out started it back up, it ran pretty rough, clutch was just hammering on the slow speed of the yellow. Got back to green I had nothing for them, end up racing the old man for a few laps then pulled away from him.

Not bad. My second week of racing karts on asphalt and I moved up one spot in the feature compared to last week. I had a couple people in crowd putting a stop watch to me and was pulling high 11 second laps in the heat races, but dropped off into the 12s in the feature. The track was quite green with all of the rain the last few days and 50 degree temps did not help either. Lots of fun, will be tearing the clutch apart tomorrow. We'll see if I get emailed some photos.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Old Stuff Wednesday - May....The Knight-gor (Painted)

Back around 2003 when all of Chaos was together in one book my predominantly beastmen chaos army was looking for a boost from some heavy cavalry in the name of Chaos Knights. This was the test piece for just that. I wanted it to fit my beastmen theme, so I needed a knight that was more beastmen like. Why not an heavy armored centaur.

It merged the Chaos Knight/Empire Knight horse with a beastmen gor torso, chaos warrior weapon and shield.

And whole lot of other bits. The chest armor was all sculpted. The rivets along the bottom of the armor were added.

And I was going to mark the unit this would be apart as Khorne as you see on the shoulder.

And what would Khorne be without a grizzly trophy.

To this day...this remains as one of my all time favorite miniatures.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Skaven War Litter II Conversion...done

Its done and sold already. I have parts to do one more and plan to do so. This one did not change much from what I had previously shown.

It fits on the base better than the previous. The next one I'm changing up the way the litter is carried by the Storm Vermin.

I do love the halbred pieces they have. And if all of the GW rats looked like the storm vermin, I would be tempted to do an army.

WAB Tourney - La Crosse, WI Aug 13, 2010

Semi-short notice, but we in La Crosse are moving forward none the less.

Warhammer Ancients Battles (WAB) Tourney
Saturday, August 13, 2011
Where: River City Hobbies, 313 Main Street, La Crosse Wisconsin
Entry Fee: $20 (Lunch included) - Payments will be taken the day of the tournament. We have a maximum of 26 spots.

General Rules
· WAB 2nd Edition, including the online FAQ.
· Armies allowed:

Dark Ages: Fall of the West, Shieldwall, El Cid, Beyond the Golden Gate, Age of Arthur

Classical: Alexander the Great, Hannibal and the Punic Wars, Spartacus, Romans & Barbarians from the 2nd Edition Rules set, Greeks and Persians.

Open: Armies of Chivalry, Art of War, Vlad the Impaler, Chariot Wars, Samurai/ Crusaders (WAB 1.5)

· Scale: 25/28 mm, painted to a minimum 3 colors.
· Table Sizes: 6’x4’
· Terrain will be preset on the tables.
· Army Size: Armies maximum of 1500 points, including all generals/characters.
· Generals: Your army must include an army General. If you do not purchase a general, one model must be designated the army general for victory point purposes.
· Limitations: No black powder or guns, no cannons, no rock throwers, limit of one elephant.
· We will attempt to match up armies in period in the first round. 2nd and 3rd rounds will be a free for all. Figures should try to reflect WYSIWYG.
· Games: There will be 3 rounds.
· Game Length: 6 to 7 turns or 25% break point, whichever comes first.

Schedule: (is subject to adjustment as we playtest the scenarios, the starting time will not change)
Doors Open: 9:30 am
Meeting: 10:00 am to 10:15 am
Round One: 10:15 am to 12:15 pm
Lunch: 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm
Round Two: 1:15 pm to 3:15 pm
Break: 3:15 pm to 3:45 pm
Round Three: 3:45 pm to 5:45 pm
Break aka Don’t Bother Chad: 5:45 pm to 6 pm
Awards 6 pm

Best Overall
Best General: Highest overall battle score.
Best Appearance.
Best Sportsmanship.

For those of you interested in SIGNING UP please send an email to with your name and what army you plan to be playing.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Rank of VC Bashin' Black Orcs

The Vampire Count Bashin' Black Orcs continue...These are some from the front rank. Just about ready to put together the unit.

Below you see the back of the BSB. I have a specially converted banner for that guy. The cape you see is made out of ProCreate putty. I have been trying it a bit and just cannot get it to work real well for me. Also the neutral gray is very hard for me to see when working with it. It does smooth out well for the cape.

There is also a bit of plastic sprue welded to the miniature on the underside of the cape to help give it a hump between the shoulders.

More glyphs. The one on the right is the unit champion. The Head is from the one black orc banner. You can note that the jaw line was trimmed down considerably.

Back side of them. Since they have so much plate armor and mail, I decided to put some fur on them to break that up a bit.

Here are the musician and bannerman. Just subtle conversions.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Black Orc Unit 2nd Rank...

The VC Bashin' blorcs second rank. First up the two on the edge. There are so few heads for the blorcs that when you want to make each one somewhat unique, you have to come up with ways to do that. The one on the left I'm calling Batorc, the one on the right had a riveted strip down the center so I removed that.

The shear size of them does make it difficult to do things with them. So again I resorted to adding things to make them look more mean. I have a bunch of extra Goblin spears so they make good spikes.

I'm also going through my dag phase, again attempting to make each head different, not real noticeable in this pic but the one on the left has a horn swap on the head.

The ogre models also have things that work. I do kind of like the pose of the one on the right. Will do that again with my orcs.

That's it for now.

On the local front I've begun planning the Warhammer Ancients Battle Tournament, with help from the local crew and Hobby Store. Without them this could not get done. Tourney date we anticipate will be August 13, 2011, and will be 3 rounds.

Coming up, more chaos knighs, perhaps some spawn, work on my main character for the warriors of chaos, and a warshrine. I also have pics of WAB Knights that I need to edit, and we will finish up the VC bashin' black orc unit.

And later today I will be placing some Crusader USA Byzatine miniatures on Ebay that I won at Adepticon. I have too many projects and no room for these in the schedule.