Monday, August 30, 2010

Warriors of army update Part 2

Well this part 2 of the work in progress. I didn't show this figure earlier in the modeling phase. Its one of those figures that I'm primarily doing to aggravate a certain someone that always accuses me of stealing their ideas. Its fun to sometimes aggravate those type of people. So there you know who you are take that.

Now that the fun is aside, next up another of the Red Box minis, I call batter up.

Here is the Matt Gubser sculpted Reaper Miniature, making good progress on it.

Carrying through the hot rod blue flame theme.

And then there is this crazy dude, my favorite of the Red Box minis Conrad the Crazed. Good name for the figure.

Still quite a ways to go on these. The metals are really shined up right now that will go away later. The flesh still needs a washing. Still need to detail the faces, but we are getting closer.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Warriors of army update

Progress shots over the next couple of posts, as I plug away on my 35 marauders. Here's where I'm at with them so far. Last tiem you saw this guy pretty much just the skin tones were done, minus the washes and shading to come at the end.

Here's the backside ofthe same model. On my armies I'll typically only drybrush the fur.

Here are one of the Red Box Games mini's. I love all of these guys they are so much fun to paint.

A backside shot, I love all the skulls and bones on them, its a neat touch of detail.

And yes, I did not forget to detail the shield, inside and outside.

Next up some more progress shots.

And then Nascar in Montreal:
My absolute favorite track to watch the big heavy stock cars. The beating and banging that they can absorb really makes for a fun watch. Who Said? Boris Said! I'm definitely a Boris Said fan, love the way the guy races and handles himself in the media. He's the man and I'm glad to see him finally win. And it goes to show what good equipment can do for Mad Max Papis, another favorite of mine to watch on the road course, you have to love his enthusiasm. Spectacular race, if you like racing, you have to watch the racing on that track, its a must see.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Warriors of Chaos Spawning Season...

In my Fantasy games I almost always run a couple spawn. They are good humor, they look cool, and quite often do the unexpected. The spawn kit is one of my absolute favorites. You can create a regular old spawn like this one.

Or do something else with all of those cool parts, and a bit of creativeness.

In this case, a chaos troll and an ogre head. I really dislike the troll bodies, but with a dremel and a bit of GS work I think they make really cool looking spawn.

Both of these will be in my Warriors of chaos army. They'll be fun to paint.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gamesday Baltimore....

I didn't go to Gamesday this year, because it was in Baltimore. Too far away for me, I won't fly to event like that. I did however hear that Gamesday will be moving to Chicago next year. Here's hoping that GW puts on a better event than the last time they were in Chicago, because that event was so poorly run and organized. It was really discouraging for someone like me who enjoys the hobby.

And Congrats to Todd Swanson, who I heard won the Slayer Sword through some email I read from other members of the Team North America painting & converting club. It will be nice to catch up with them if its true that the event will be back in Chicago.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

One Exalted Champion done

Tzeentch themed, a little bit of converting. Not sure how exactly I plan to use him, but I wanted a test piece for painting the knights, chosen, and chaos warriors that I'm building.

So this will work, continuing my blue and orange paint scheme.

Converted the shield using a 40k symbol.

I should have fix the fur cape a bit. After painting it, I really don't like the fur texture on this model.

And yes that is a little eye ball on the forehead of his helmet.

Monday, August 9, 2010

More Chaos Marauder WIPs

Like the previous post I have quite a bit left to do with these, but I'm liking the looks of them so far.

Some WIP shots of a Red Box Games miniature. Tre Manor's sculpts of these models are really good. They have really opened my eyes in how to successfully sculpt the exaggerated musculature of barbarians. These sculpts kind of scream Conan which is really appealing to me.

I have 8-9 of these guys, and boy they are easy to paint in my typical style of painting. They practically paint themselves.

Another of my favorite miniatures at the moment. I love the looks of this head.

This one is another Reaper Miniature, sculpted by a buddy of mine, Matt Gubser.

Its quickly becoming a favorite of mine, something about the pose, it will be positioned of on one of the flanks when the unit gets ranked up.

Also not the stylized hot rod flames. This is another carry over from the previous group of miniatures in this army. I plan to carry the flames throughout the army on capes and tabbards and such.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Chaos Marauder Progress

This is pretty early in my painting process. The Fleshtones I've pretty much finished all of the highlights on, except on the faces. The steel is based and highlighted twice which is all the further I'll go with the highlights, they'll get a series of washes once everything else is done to do the weathering and further defining. The Blues are essentially done, as are the burnt oranges. I typically paint dark to light, building sort of a contour map of color. Leather will probably be next. Fur and Hair will be one of the last things I do.

As I stated earlier I'm using a few choice pieces from other manufacturer's mostly pieces sculpted by Tre Manor. This one is Reaper Miniature, with no conversion work. I think he fits the bill.

This guy was one of my favorites in the modeling process and the paint is furthering my liking of him thus far. The new marauder horseman heads are so good expression wise.

Much more to follow on these WIPs. There are some additional pics of these models if you are interested in seeing them on my Forum in the WHFB Madhouse Workbench, which is linked too on the blog in my Web Links.