Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lots of work not enough time....

Lately I have been swamped with commission work, building lots of cool things. I like seeing ultra cool armies, even more so than one off pieces. For me there is something about all of the models making up the army when done well and right that is just intriguing. I think its a really under-appreciated portion of the hobby. In my opinion, a lot of the individuals that just build the one off competition models haven't the appreciation for armies filled with creativity and work, and fail to see the effort put forth, because all they can see is the flaws in the technique in particular individual models in the army. Many of them cannot see the big picture, all they can see is this micro version of the picture. And of course many of them feel quite superior, to the army builders. My eyes are very wide open, even moreso, after a short debate over the upcoming Adepticon Rogue Demon painting competition. That's unfortunate...its their loss.

That said, thought I would show a few pieces that I have recently finished and currently working on. Currently working on converting some Forgeworld Ogryn from 40k to Fantasy. This is a WIP picture, the detail on these huge models are intense, learning a bit of nurgle techniques from them. More to follow on these models, someday soon.

And some more bloodletters....

And this one is for me. I have been thinking about my orc army quite a bit lately, knowing that I need some centerpiece models for the army, this one of them that I have in mind. So I'm working on this in my spare time. The head on the right may just tip you off to what its for....
Not sure that I will be able to pull this off, but I am going to attempt to.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A little work done

Been very busy of late with commission work, so not much head way on my own stuff but I do have some things show.

I've had a few space marine bikes since I did my Templar army a long time ago and never put them together, so I thought I would play with that model a bit for fun while building a bunch of commission stuff.

Haven't mad much progress on the orcs, but I have been playing with a few things to distinguish the heads. The goal with my orc army will be not repeat a single model in the army.