Sunday, July 19, 2020

NEW Chaos Spawn!!!

This is inspired by a Mike Butcher Chaos Ogre that I saw years ago.  I really loved the look of it and I had this Rat Ogre and some Tyranid pieces around and thought, this would make a cool looking figure.
 The figure is massive.  You can see the tentacles from the spawn kit coming out of its back.
 I gave it a fleshy color scheme.
 With some torn skin.
The upper part of the head was is an ogre bit.  The lower part is a Tyranid jaw. With the overall body being from the rat ogre kit.  All blended together with green stuff.
As always much more to follow.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

She comes from the North and is part Barbarian....newly painted Avatars of War Figure

I originally bought this figure to be a part of my Mutant Marauders Warhammer force a long time ago.
 Its an Avatars of War miniature.  The sculpt originally looked very cool minus the paint.  But as you paint it you find the incredible flaws in it, from the weird right elbow to the spindly leg that disappears in a weird way
 The fur looks like something I'm able to sculpt which doesn't say much.
Then there is the weird hide or fur or whatever the hell that texture is on the inside by the left axe.  I painted it like a torn tanned hide color.  Not a great sculpt, I do not recommend the sculpt to anyone.  Despite that I think I painted it alright.  Much more to follow....

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Next Painted Roman Officer - Victrix Generals Kit

 Yea, I do love these Victrix minis.   Really neat poses on all of the horses.
This is the second one that I have done.  Its a cool mini.  Cool pose and cape.
 Very dynamic pose.
 I really enjoyed painting him.  Going be getting around to a few more of these and a couple that I'm converting for particular use.
As always more to come.