Friday, February 14, 2014

A GW Rant at Spikey Bits

Things have been a bit busy around here and I have not really gotten anything done on miniatures.  I don't think I have lost the steam or desire, just have a limited amount of time and been working quite a bit.  I also have built with my dad two karts and have done some work on my truck.  Those things should be ready to go this spring.  And not just that, I finally cleaned off my drawing table and have gotten back to drawing, doing some pen and ink, and some point will paint 2d.   Also for some reason I'm having problems posting pictures on the blog, things just seem to lock whether I upload them through blogger or link them off one of my many picture hosting sites that I use.

Anyways the real reason for the posting is that I saw a blog post by Spikey Bits.  I think its a good read, and well said about what he thinks is happening with GW. The following is a link to that posting:

I can't say that I've been a customer of GW's as long as Spikey, but I have bought a lot of stuff from them over the years.  I have also found that I have been increasingly alienated or maybe it should be annoyed by them.  It is not about the money for me.  The miniature hobby is nowhere near as expensive as my kart racing hobby.  Racing is in the stratosphere in comparison to the miniatures hobby.  I think he hit on what has happened with me, and that is the Fun aspect.   I started in with the GW hobby playing 3rd Edition 40k.  I found the game, fun, but then came 4th edition that sort of sucked the wind out of me.  Some friends then turned me on to 6th Edition Fantasy and I found that fun again, then came 7th and early on the fun was there, but started to fade towards the end with all of the new books coming out for armies, especially with the likes of VC and Skaven.  Then 8th Edition came out and that basically ended Fantasy for me.  I seriously dislike the 8th edition rules.  I had also in that period of Fantasy found Warhammer Ancients and loved the game, 2.0 WAB came out and I loved it even more, then GW killed WAB.  Go figure.  Gone is the fun. Where is the hobby going for me, I really do not know.  I need to find that FUN again, until then I guess I will just keep going with what I find fun, and that is the modeling and the painting, and the kart racing.