Saturday, November 30, 2013

WIP Viking Saga Warriors, Batch #1

The Gripping Beast plastic Dark Ages Figures are pretty cool.  They could be better though.  So thinking about what I needed to do for Bondi, Saxon Fryd, and such to make some SAGA warriors, I decided to add a number of things.  Most of the spear models are coming from my Saxon and Bondi rank and file models, but I also wanted to have some modeled with hand weapons for SAGA. 
And like the hearthguard I decided to model up a bunch with hair.  Then I had some capes from Fire Forge's knights to use also.  Why stop there, might as well add some fur.  You will also notice that the GBP Viking heads work with the Dark Age plastic models also.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

My Second Batch of Saga Vikings

Not as much conversion work on this batch.  I did change out some of the clumsy looking hands on the Gripping Beast models.  These will fit in well.  I'm also basing everything in 20 mm squares, as I still want to use them in WAB and CoE, so no round bases for me.

Have a good Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SAGA Fatigue Markers

I know that I'm going to need more SAGA Fatigue markers and stuff for marking in CoE, but this should be a good start.  These are Old Glory minis, I originally was going to use them on my movement trays, but they are just too small in scale.  More like 25mm scale.  Does not work well with the GB minis.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

SAGA...My Viking Hearthguard begins to form up

This it the first batch of minis that I plan to use in my Hearthguards for Vikings, Jomsvikings, Anglo-Danes etc.
After building a bunch of rank and file guys for my WAB/CoE army, I moved toward making these a bit more individualistic in appearance.  This is just the first group of armored hearthguard, more of them to follow.
There is a bit of a variety with the some Foundry and Warlord barbarians added in to the mix.  I decided one easy way to make these standout is to add hair, must be my like of 80s hair band music showing up again.   I can not seem to grow it on top of my head anymore so I'll put it on my Vikings.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

WIP On the Desk: I see Saxon winter work

 So quite awhile ago I started building Saxons.  The last couple of nights I've spent a little bit of time getting things based up to prep for priming this huge horde of Saxons and a few other pieces.
I'll probably spend a couple of months painting these and the backlog of other miniatures that I have.
Who invited the freakin' Dwarf, oh I guess he is one of the cool dwarves that I've owned for probably 10 years, think it is time it gets some paint. 
So there you are a lot of WIP.   The rest of the day will be spent on the karts.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WIP On the Desk: Progress on the Viking Saga

Made good progress on the Viking portion of the Saga minis.  Most of which have been converted.  I'm also working on putting together some terrain features for my gaming table. One of those pieces is the Longship in the background.

I managed to get all of the basing done.  I've had some Old Glory casualties that I decided to base.  Most of those figures are only 25mm and are quite a bit smaller than the rest of the stuff that I'm using.
I have a bit more converting to do and on a few more pieces.   Basing is mixture of HO Scale Railroad ballast, bits of slate, and fake rocks made from smashing some hardened Apoxie sculp.  This will match the work from previous batches of Vikings.
Better pics of these guys will be coming soon.

Next up are the Saxons.  I have most all of them built, need to base them and finish up adding bits to them.  I need to get another box of GBP Dark Ages to make up some slingers for levies and some more warriors. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

WIP On the Desk: The Saga continues...

Been busy lately with some house projects and kart projects, but I snuck in some hobby time.  Recently, I've been reading over the SAGA rules and decided to switch projects after a mental block on the greek project.  So back to the Dark Ages for awhile until I get a number of pieces ready for paint work.  I decided to go ahead and build several factions that can pull models from Viking army for fodder and I had planned to expand the Viking army anyways. 

With that in mind I figured I needed some models that looked a bit less rank file like and a bit more dynamic.  And I needed some Warrior models as basically all of my Vikings are hirdmen.  So onto building and doing some minor conversion work.

Above you can see that was not limited to just Viking and Saxons, I also added a dwarf that has been on the desk for ages and two Avatars of War figures for further expansion of my Warriors of Chaos army.  On the far right is WIP of the Saxon Warlord.  In the very back are some of the warriors that I will use for the various Viking factions.
Above I had some left over metal Gripping Beasts and I recently picked up a few Foundry Vikngs.  In the middle is the model that will serve as my Viking Warlord.  I also decided against using any round bases since most of this stuff is something that I want to cross over into WAB and CoE also.  More to follow.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Old Stuff Wednesday - November: Beastman Chariot #2

Back to my old Beastmen Army from 2003, the second of two chariots.  Don't remember everything about this one, but I did convert the gor rider with the great sword, and the driver is one of the old metal beastmen.

I painted the bestigor in red face paint, because at the time I was marking things with Khorne.  For the first chariot I had used the old metal beastman chariot, for this one I used the old plastic orc chariot.
The great sword was something that I had built out of plasti-card.

The shoulder pads from the plastic chaos marauder box, which gave the model a bit heavier bestigor look.

 Until next month.......