Sunday, December 18, 2011

Addendum to my Gripping Beast Viking Review

Remember how I was discussing not having enough unhelmeted heads for GB's viking hirdmen.  Well a little checking of some various manufacturer's heads with the unhelmeted GB head and I found the scale was comparable with Warlord Games' plastic barbarians and surprisingly enough heads from Games Workshop's Empire flagellant range.  The heads are as follows from left to right:  Empire, Barbarian, Empire, Barbarian, Empire, and Barbarian.  Now I have some additional character.  I do need to practice sculpting beards though.


  1. They look great & the conversion you've done add to the character. Looking forward to seeing these bad boys painted up to you usual high standard. Best, Dean

  2. Thanks Dean. Most of the armored dudes will be up front, but this will really help with the character.

    Paint is going to be awhile as the Vikings are primarily a 2012 project. This week the Crusaders move to the desk for paint, everything else gets pushed aside. Then the Warriors of Chaos that I have together get paint. Along with a couple other paint projects to enter at Adepticon's painting contest.

  3. I like these convos you did and in fact I prefer your GS beard textures than the plastic original ones.