Saturday, November 30, 2013

WIP Viking Saga Warriors, Batch #1

The Gripping Beast plastic Dark Ages Figures are pretty cool.  They could be better though.  So thinking about what I needed to do for Bondi, Saxon Fryd, and such to make some SAGA warriors, I decided to add a number of things.  Most of the spear models are coming from my Saxon and Bondi rank and file models, but I also wanted to have some modeled with hand weapons for SAGA. 
And like the hearthguard I decided to model up a bunch with hair.  Then I had some capes from Fire Forge's knights to use also.  Why stop there, might as well add some fur.  You will also notice that the GBP Viking heads work with the Dark Age plastic models also.

1 comment:

  1. Nice.
    Yeah its great to add some of the Hirden heads onto the Darke age warrior kit to get a more norsmen feel to them. And to add that extra layer o variation.

    You could also paint some of the helmets in leather colors to show these are poorer warriors.

    Looking farward to see them in colors at some time.

    Cheers/ Jonas