Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blog Announcement

I'm not really a Facebook person, mainly because I really don't care for being social.  My dad is a different story.  We decided that we had enough people that were curious about how our racing has been going and wanting to keep up with what we are doing, that we would set something up for keeping people informed.  He's not very tech savy and well I'm just a little bit more up on computers, so I set up a Facebook page for our racing creatively named Welte Racing, found at the following link, at least I think that will get you there:

So if you wish to follow that, feel free, as it will be regularly updated with racing news and results and kart building etc.... 

So what does that mean for the blog, well for one less kart racing coverage as I'm not going to post stuff at both locations.  My youtube channel will still be linked in at the side of the page.  I may give some updates on kart builds or repairs and occasionally on races, but if you want to know how the races went and more, I will direct you to that facebook thingie.

That's it for now.

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