Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Old Stuff Wednesday - October: A Reaper Boris

 Circa:  May, 2004. 
This is the very first miniature that I painted in the so-called Non-metallic-metal technique.  It's a Reaper Miniature.  I believe they call it Boris Mingla or something  like that.  A cool looking mini.
I learned some much about blending, highlighting, and shading by painting in this technique. 
 A lot of people in the hobby poo-poo the technique and you get a lot of people that strongly express their dislike for anything painted in the technique.  BUT I think a lot of them really miss the fact that its a great way to exhibit expression and also a great technique in teaching someone to learn how to paint in blending, highlighting and shading in a lot of colors that I find very hard to paint.

Below are some close-ups of the details.
I still love the armor on this miniature.  May have to see if they have cast this mini in Bones and pick up another.  I sold this one years ago.