Monday, October 14, 2013

Immortal Miniatures/Warlord Greeks (Short) Review

Immortal Miniatures' classical Greeks have been out for quite sometime.  I recently picked up a box for quite cheap off Ebay.  One of the local guys I know has built some of these and complained about the spindly size of the minis.  Most of the time when around his though I only had my midget Warlord Games Romans with me for size comparison.  I mainly bought these for a conversion that I planned knowing that they were smaller than the Victrix Greeks which were a little too big for the conversions that I had in mind.  It is rather ironic that the company that probably has the most scale issues in their miniature line, buys out immortal Miniatures and consequently incorporates even more scale issues.
So with all that said, here is a brief size comparison for everyone amongst a variety of Greeks.  Below: 1. Victrix; 2. Immortal, 3. Gorgon, 4. Immortal, 5.Foundry, 6. Immortal, 7. Victrix, 8. Foundry

 Below closer shot of the models on the left.
 Below a closer shot of the minis on the right from the numbered photo.
Below the face off between the Immortal on the left and Victrix on the right.
 Below with the Gorgon on the right.
 Below with the Foundry mini on the right.
 Below with Immortal on the left and Victrix on the right.
Immortal did a nice job on much of the detail, but they are just way too small for my liking.  And being smaller that detail becomes very fine and in my opinion will be harder to paint.  The Victrix, Gorgon, and Foundry scales are much more to my liking.  The Immortals are more spindly than my Warlord Romans, but yes the Romans are still a little shorter.

Next up the review of the Victrix Mercenary and Athenian kits.

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