Friday, August 13, 2021

Completed Early Imperial Roman Unit Aye!

 So these posting are in the order of completion and not in the order of the unit alphabet.  So this my next completed unit, unit i.   This is another of my Warlord Games Units.

Above you can see I converted the Centurion with a holding of a head from the Victrix Romans.
I really like how this unit turned out.
Movement tray got some eye candy like the others.

Kneeling Roman is a Warlord metal model, and the Optio is actually from the Warlord Praetorian Plastics kit.

The backside, these did turn out pretty cool.

The one guy that in the middle rank that has thrown his pilum already, uses an arm from the plastic scorpion kit.

There you have it, this was unit i.  Much more to follow.....