Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Finished Painted EIR Roman Blue Unit

 Here is my somewhat finished Early Imperial Roman unit that I just simply call the Blue Unit.  

I say somewhat finished, because I forgot to paint the Signifier in blue or white.  So I borrowed this one from the surplus of command figs that I have.

As I normally do, I make the movement trays part of the story.  This will be part of the theme all the way through these units and into the Victrix units as well.
Some more shots of the full unit.
Side view.
Rear views.

Opposite side view.

I think I used up the bulk of my sword arms and veteran pilum bits with these units.  I likely be liquidating all or most of what I have left over for Warlord Games bits on Ebay at some point as I plan to never again use their plastics EIR kit after this.  I'm not sure what the final model count is just yet, but your going to see virtually all of them, plus I sold well over a 100+ painted models from the previous army.