Sunday, January 15, 2012

Slaanesh Standardbearer Mutant....

Somehow while building all of my marauders I forgot to build some standard bears.  So I'll be building a few more mutant marauders.  This is the first one.

Not an "ungor", but a mutant marauder with a small amount of armor and conversion.   I do love the Flagellant heads.  They are very cool looking pieces.
Slaanesh banner from the demonettes.  The arm with the mace is a Flagellant.
Not much on the back, but the overlapping scale armor on the shoulder has a bit of mail modeled in.

More to follow, I have some Avatars of War - Dwarf berserkers that need to feel the taint of chaos and mutation.


  1. Very nice customizing - both on the figure and your blog page - I like the new look! Best, Dean

  2. Looks really nice, I am looking forward to seeing some of those Dwarves converted!