Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Old Stuff Wednesday - January... War Mammoth Conversion

Back a few years ago, someone in Canada commissioned me to do a Chaos War Mammoth conversion using using a Lord of the Rings War Mumak. 

This is one of the bigger conversions that I have worked on.  I went through a lot of GS doing up the fur on the mammoth.  I remembered struggling with the idea of the howdah and settled for using scored plasti-card construction. 
The head was some of the most fun building up the armor.  I decided to use a plasticard piece to make a large flat armored piece on the head and then blended the GS in to it.
The person who commissioned the model did not want me to build a beastmaster and did not have me build any marauders to go with the model.  In hindsight, I wish I would have at least build the beastmater rider.  One thing with the Mumak model is the wrappings and supports and harness for the howdah is already modeled for you.
Add a bunch of spikes and chaos shields and panels.  Makes for finishing off the model.
Last year I purchased another of these models for myself.  Hopefully this year I will get around to converting one for myself.


  1. Pretty ambitious conversion there but it looks really good. I hadn't thought of something like that myself, sure is cheaper than Forgeworld

  2. That's pretty amazing!
    outstanding work!

    I must admit I'm jealous!