Monday, January 16, 2012

The Butcher's Bill ... A Converters Encyclopedia

I would like to point everyone's attention to a brand spanking new blog that I have linked up in my blog roll. And I do mean everyone. Doesn't matter if you are into 40k, Fantasy, Steampunk, Warhammer Ancients, or Historical gaming. That blog is the Mike Butcher's: The Butcher's Bill, found at the following link:

I've known Mike for quite awhile, we bounce ideas back and forth often, and attend a lot of tournaments together. I've been after him for a long time to start up a blog, so if you don't like it you can certainly blame me for it.   Mike has been painting, collecting and playing with 28mm miniatures for over 25 years, and is in my opinion for us who love to game with massively cool armies is one of the premiere converters / modifiers of miniatures out there. There are alot of people that can concentrate efforts on building pretty one-off display pieces, but its hard in my opinion to make huge themed and unique armies, and Mike is one of those rare people with that ability.

He has countless awards over the years a Silver in Golden Demon competition, a WH40K GT, numerous best painted, players choice, and best army awards over the years as well as being featured in White Dwarf several times , and twice Citadel Journal. Most recently he has won the WAB singles title at Adepticon (2010 and 2011) and his Greek City States Army was featured in Wargames Illustrated the magazine.

So as a sampling for those of you, if its 40k that you like, check out my Old Stuff Decemeber post showcases one of his armies against my army:
or Check out his post converting a chimera to carry Ogryn.

Or if you like Ancients checkout his post on his Greek Army that was featured in Wargames Illustrated:
Or if you like Fantasy and Chaos like I do checkout his conversions of standard ogres into Khorne Ogres:
This is all just a sampling of some his work. I'm sure there is more to come in the future, and if not I'll pester him some more and force him to go go-karting with me.

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