Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Odds and Ends and Observations

Yea so tonight is one of those nights that I'm trying to unwind from a heated meeting with a community.  I'm not going to go into detail, cuz it will bore you to death.  Mr. Butcher can chime in and second the idea that you do not want to ask me what I really do for a living while eating anything.  I often get worked up and have to take some time to unwind after these things.  I won't sleep well, and especially now that I know there is more pressure ensuing as part of the project.

So how to unwind.  For I visit some blogs, maybe do some window shopping on ebay, dream about running ovals in a go-kart at high speed, work out on my bowflex until I can no longer lift anything, and occasionally look for some sports to take my mind off of things.

I watched a video linked up on Tabletop Gaming News, from GW of all people, that showed their new Vampire Count models.  Oh MY.  Too bad I'm uninspired by 8th Edition, and VC rules. Most of those models are awesome.  Absolutely incredible detail.  The mortis engine is what I think of when I dream of undead, besides dreaming about zombies and skeletons.  I also really like the black knights and wraith things...And the Wight King.   Krell to me is like this awesome Chaos Exalted Undead Champion. 

One thing I watched, just turned my TV on while I sat down to surf on-line, is a E60 showing on Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers, quarterback.  His back story is something I find inspiring.  He is supremely confident in himself and his abilities and carries an absolutely massive chip on shoulder to prove to people that he is not just a good or great QB but that he is also that same person off the field.  I was a naysayer, when they drafted him.  I thought he would be another failed Cal QB.  I did not think he was that good, and I did not know his back story prior to Cal.  Honestly, I thought he would be another Rich Campbell, who also played for Cal and was drafted by the Packers and was a miserable QB on the field.  Besides they still had the QB #4, someone I personally could not stand, still playing for them and not going away for awhile.  Then the indecisive #4 made his choice to retire, and I like a Packer fan was now behind Rodgers in the #12, hoping that he would at least be as good as Lynn Dickey who also wore that number and despite all of the injuries was a very serviceable QB.  Then #4 did his baby routine and decided that he wanted to steal the keys back from #12.  And that is when Rodgers really won me over, his character did not falter.  He faced more adversity than anyone I've ever seen in sports.  It was out of his control, but he stood tall and believed in himself and carried that and his massive chip on shoulder all the way to a Superbowl win.  I admire that.  And yes I don't miss #4, he can go ride his tractor and send pictures reporters on his own time. 

Ahhh....highlights of Denver...I hate the Steelers....Teebow time was great.  Even old #7 was elated.  Another of those stories of a person that everyone says you can't do something, and he goes out and does it.

Then as I'm watching that, redmanphill's awesome blog Subject to Stupidity, made me contemplate Beastmen names, like Gor and Ungor.  Now granted I'm rambling on, typing and probably thinking about way too many things all at once, but that happens with me often, so excuse me if this is not really well thought out because again this is a massive run-on sentence, composed of part rambling to clear my head and unwind and part incohesive or maybe better known as incoherant rant.  Why Ungor???  I mean the gor are certainly more fun to do in my book, than the ungor, as well as more interesting to look at.  And being "ungor", could there ever be a less inspiring term invented by GW, than oh they're smaller than the Gor and not as tough, and they look slightly different, more ugly, they don't have full on cool looking rams horns.  I'm sure the writer of this fiction, probably sat around one night having a pint of some crap and was like I have to come up with a damn name for these ugly little bastards and probably went something like....oh I can't think of anything really neat to call them, so.....they definitely are not gors........oh eureka, that's it.....[picks up his pint and drains it]....that's brilliant....they are not gor......don't you get the brilliance of my thinking....just call them not-gor, brilliant idea...except I can't write them up as notgor....no stupid editor....will go along with that....but it is a brilliant idea......notgor.....how do I get this stupidly brilliant idea by that drunk editor......what is not.....yea that's it ......use that prefix "un"....it will be ungor. Yes. BRILLIANT. So very inspiring.  The beastmen fanboys will absolutely love it.  Wonderful.

And with the gem, I think I have finally unwound.  Sarcasm has worked for me once again.  Thank you.  Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.  I wonder how damn many spelling errors I had in this incoherent rambling.....I will click the spell check out of curiosity.....on second thought this is not working....need try something else.....probably the bowflex and some dumb-bells......why do they call them dumb...bells......ahhhhaahhhh never mind..........


  1. I am pretty certain you could use that Mortis Engine as a war shrine fora chaos army (he tempts)

    My sympathies. The public. My job would be a lot easier without them - redundant yes but definitely easier (I work in complaints)!

    So anyhow this might cheer you up we have an automated text messages (SMS) system for billing reminders. Sometimes we get idiot replys to this obvious auto generated text and todays was gold:"HEY, DO YOU STILL WANT THAT TINNY"

    Subtle. That's the key.

    Stay classy.

  2. Well I am not sure how unsettling your job could be but at least the one I have done up until recently didn't allow for them to talk back. That would have had to involve something like the Mortis Engine!

    I really don't get where they got the name Gor other than as derived from Gore, something you do with horns. I suppose then with them having no horns they and unable to gore..?

    Having looked at the etymology of gore, horn and goat I donÄt see any derivation like gor. I wonder when these terms were first introduced. I remember the old Wwhite Dwarf beastman article that really introduced them. I think gors were in there but I am not so sure about ungors.

  3. Oh that Mortis Engine is certainly interesting. A war shrine is definitely a viable option.

    Gor and Ungor. I'm alright with Gor....ungor, not so sure.

    As to the job, dealing with the public is not something that I enjoy, its a small part of the equation, but one that makes the rest of the job more stressful potentially. Hobbies are my escape from that. They do allow me to get away.

    Its is a thankless job. I enjoy designing things and solving problems. There will always be people that cannot be satisfied. Some councils and boards are more open than others. People are often reluctant to change from certain situations, even those that do not protect their health or their environment in which they live. Even when that change is a reliable solution to their current situation.