Saturday, January 14, 2012

I'm WAB'n It.... Yes Warhammer Ancients News

Most of you that read my blog regularly now that I thoroughly enjoy Warhammer Ancient Battles 2.0.  Now the WAB: Armies of Antiquity book has also been released a supplement that is made of a few new rules and absolute ton of armies lists.  I've yet to get my copy, mainly because of work and spending my hobby budget on a new racing engine for the kart, but I will get it eventually.

Well this month, there is a WAB sort of bring and battle tournament like set up of gaming being played in Waupaca, WI, at the appropriately named Waaghpaca, primarily a Warhammer fantasy event that is attempting to expand into a full-fledge Convention.  More information can be found here:  Fellow Grumpy Old Coot Mike Butcher is running the event.   Tables and terrain being provided by the Waaghpaca Tournament Organizer, The Bear, over at this blog:

And this month I was made aware that a new Historical Wargames Podcast was around, put on by Adepticon Veteran and SoCal Maniac, Pat Lowinger.  Can be found at
Pat's second podcast was a reveiw of the first third of the new WAB: AoA book.

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  1. We're having a first-ever WAB event with about 12 players at Enfilade! in May. This is the big Pacific NW historical gaming convention for the year. We've decided on 2K armies using the new AoA lists only. I don't have the book, but one of my buddies made copies of lists for our particular armies. I had to ditch my Early-HRE army as it lost too many cool things from the AoC list. I'm going with a Late-Samurai army now. Should be easy to run as it only has thrusting spear, pike and bow foot, plus one cav unit - and some characters. Looking forward to it. Oh, and Pat Lowinger is GMing it - actually making on-the-spot calls if players get stuck. Best, Dean