Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Painted WAB Hospitallers...Let the Crusade Begin

These are my Hospitallers. I’ve never been crazy about painting black and white, but I knew I wanted to do a Holy Order and this one of my favorite choices. Some of them are my converted Perry Miniatures knights mixed with the Perry’s Holy Order/Hospitaller Knights.

The ones without hoods and sleeve-less surcoats are my conversions, like the knight with the couched lance and standard bearer. The two horses with the caparisons are my conversions with GS and BS.

I think this unit of knights turned out pretty good, the black and white works, even though it’s a pain to do. I used somewhere around 6-7 shades of black/gray for the blacks and then toned it all back down with a GW Black Wash.

With the conversions, I was attempting to get Norman early Perry Crusader models out of the First Crusade in the 1090s, into more of the late Second and Third Crusades.

Note some of the kite shields are actually GW High Elves shields from their foot infantry, that made conversion of the shields much easier. And some of the shields were actually converted with green stuff putty.

The movement tray I think turned out well. The basing is HO scale railroad ballast, with some gravel, Joefix grass tufts, and GW Staw. I'm happy with the basing, its a bit different from what I normally do.

The banner did not turn out great, but I will fix that at a later date. Its a painted paper banner with some foil in between the layers to keep the bend.

The horses, scared me at first to do them. I'm not someone that has a lot of knowledge about horses, so I used a number of reference photos and attempted to get 3-4 different paint schemes that would work well. Out of everything I think the horses turned out the best, with the exception of the white one in the back.


  1. Very, very nice. It's hard to get blacks properly shaded & highlighted, but you've mastered it. Excellent terrain work on the bases too. Regards, Dean

  2. Very cohesive and well-painted unit. The base work is also very well done. The black may take some work, but an army in this scheme would look fantastic.

  3. Thanks Dean. Its taken me a few years to figure out painting blacks.

    As to the basing I plan to do a short tutorial on my woodland basing and how to get the texture. This is just the basing taking one step out, not using the ground clutter.

  4. Jonathan, thanks.

    A portion of the army will be like this, down the road I would like to do a Templar unit also or perhaps some Spanish Holy Orders. I'm primarily going to use the El Cid list for playing WAB.

    The next knight unit that gets shown will be more in color.

  5. Must say I'm really interested in the basing and the movement tray to be specific. The unit also looks amazing.

  6. I do plan to do a couple of tutorials on both the trays and basing.