Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Old Stuff Wednesday - June...Painted Khorne Knightgors

Well last month I showed you an old Khorne Knightgor. That was my first and my test model for the Khorne Knights that used with Khorne Beastmen army back then. That got me to thinking that I should show the rest of the unit. So below you will see the rest of the models I came up with.

What would a unit champion be without a huge sword. Back then I was basically using space marine arms with these models. All of the armor you see on the torsos and heads were sculpted by me.

The belt buckles, I remember it taking forever to sculpt one good one, which I would later just press mold.

Another shot of one of my favorite models on the end.

Dead bodies, skulls, heads, blood, and skin is the theme of Khorne, I had lots of fun doing these.

The banner was to be obnoxiously huge and in your face. The skull was painted on in freehand.

At first I was not going to put the eyeball in it, but the more I thought about the more it just made sense to do it.

Ah more spikes and dead body spike to the centaur. Note where the saddles use to be on the old armored horses. I filled that space in to continue a smooth looking armor.

I do love this unit. And I do want to match it some day soon with my new warriors khorne knights.

Until next time.


  1. very good! What is your red recipe? I love it!

  2. Base Coat: GW Scorched Brown
    Highlights: Vallejo Model Color (VMC) Hull Red, GW Scab Red, VMC Red, VMC Carmine Red, and very small amount of VMC Orange Red added to Carmine. I do 50/50 blends for each color transition between Scab and Carmine. Carmine is similar to GW Blood Angels red. VMC is the most pure red. So yes that is one base coat and 7 Highlights. Reds take time to develop and make look deep. When I army paint, I normally paint with three colors at a time in my pallette.

  3. Great conversions and lovely paint job.


  4. Beautiful unit, all the effort you put it is evident in the final models.

  5. Thanks guys, much appriciated.