Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Another Viking Warlord conversion

Again using the GBP's for this conversion with some other bits.
 Arms are slightly rotated.  Added a leather vambrace.
 Left hand is from a clipped off Warfactory Games arm, same with the arm and hand laying on the base.

 And below is one cool looking Foundry model that I just put together.  Looks like fun to paint.


  1. Love your stuff! I'm prepping a fantasy game locally using the Gripping Beasts stuff. Hey, off hand....how do Victrix Greek/Romans/Carthaginians match up to the GBP and the old Wargames Factory figures? Would head swaps work? ( I want to put some roman/carthaginian heads on GB Saxons....)

    1. I have yet to get any of the Victrix Roman /Carthaginians. I would assume that they are roughly the same size as their Greeks, which are pretty close to the Gripping Beast plastics. I have done arm swaps between the two and may use some unhelmeted GBP Darkages heads with the greeks in the future. The Wargames Factory plastics are really lacking in a lot of areas, the mail is not very good, their heads are worse, but they have alot of pieces that are very usable and they can be found pretty cheap.